You Don’t Like Overweight Girls? Think Again!

Most of people doesn’t like overweight girls. Famous artists use Photoshop to show us how fat celebrities are thin and beautiful. But what most of people doesn’t know is that confidence is the key to being irresistible! And if you don’t like yourself, why would anyone else like you? You can think about that while watching photos made by Sølve Sundsbø…

About Sølve Sundsbø: Sølve Sundsbø is a Norwegian photographer who lives in London. His career began when four months into a course at the London College of Printing he became Nick Knight’s assistant.

Now Sundsbø is a regular contributor to magazines including Pop, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Numéro, Visionaire and Vogue Nippon.

He has also worked with various high-profile clients including Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Nike, Lancôme and Mac cosmetics, as well as shooting album covers for Royksopp and Coldplay.

Sundsbø was voted best newcomer at the ‘International Festival of Fashion’ in Hyeres in spring 1999 and was chosen as Fashion Photographer by Creative Review for their ‘Creative Futures’ exhibition in Autumn 1999.

He also contributed to the Biennale Florence with Alexander McQueen and held a personal exhibition at the International Festival of Fashion in Hyeres in 2003.

Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Make up: Frank B
Hair: Esther Langham
Models: Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn (Ford NY), Kasia P

824 thoughts on “You Don’t Like Overweight Girls? Think Again!

  1. So what if these model ARE owerweighted, (a bit) all the models are so much underweighted that it just balances things up.

  2. Where did Dan go? He was the one and only thing that was amusing about this post! The chicks are fugly fat birds, and the ppl commenting are mostly idiots. No solid facts and nothing real to say. No, no wait… There was actually one more thing about this post that was funny. The posts where ppl encourage these women for … well I don’t know what for really… for letting them selves get photographed (?)…. I guess that must be what… anyway, encouraging the plus-size women for setting an example to young girls so that they don’t become anorexic or bulemic, when in america (that’s where I’m guessing where most of you are from) obesity is a far bigger problem for you. You’re on of the fattest countries in the world, and there’s just nothing to be proud of in that. But what do I know. I’m not gonna insult ppl for being fat, nor arrogant, but what I will say is that ppl commenting on other ppls posts and comments are just proper idiots and immature. “You must be a 50 year old gay virgin”? Come on…

  3. I like to think of myself as having an open mind, so I checked out the article to see if I could be persuaded into thinking fat chicks could be pretty. Well it turns out this article hasn’t done much good. First off, whoever did their makeup (on their faces) did a great job, but come on, anyone of any size, gender, race, etc will look amazing if done up by a professional makeup artist. Secondly, the photoshop work is also quite obvious, which makes me laugh because they still aren’t showing the ‘real’ side of these fat women. Where are all the stretch marks, cellulite, and unsightly blemishes that come with being overweight?

    These women obviously aren’t healthy if they let their bodies be distorted and stretched to such a large size. And no, sorry but I can’t find rolls of fat attractive in a man or a woman. As for their clothing, I hope to god they don’t leave the house looking like that (assuming they put on a shirt or something). With all the makeup they look great, but from the neck down they’re just another eyesore. I find someone attractive because they can take care of themselves properly…that’s what is sexy to me, not how well we can disguise a pig by putting makeup on it.

  4. None of those women are attractive. In fact, they’re quite repulsive. Anybody can have a pretty face–you pretty much get what you’re born with, but a nice body is completely under your control. That’s why thin is more attractive. It conveys active, energetic and physically fit–all qualities that a man wants in a woman. Confidence may be a turn-on for women, but physical attractiveness is a turn-on for men. Men and women aren’t the same, no matter how much you want to pretend they are.

    1. Wow. If all you can see and all you are attracted to is a thin body, then you have some SERIOUS issues. These ARE beautiful women. And their confidence in their bodies and themselves as people really shine though in these photos and makes them just that much more attractive. These are healthy women that look happy and look like they are physically capable of carrying a child. A women whom is thin, is pretty yes, but the women portrayed in the media? Women with practically no curves? No HIPS?? It is hard to see them doing anything like that. That is very unattractive. Women are beautiful creatures and deserve more respect than you are giving them Dayman107.

      1. These women are obese, that’s not healthy, and they shouldn’t be happy with the fact that they’re unhealthy, this makes them deluded too. Though I don’t condone it, there are people out there that actually like that sort of thing.
        Healthy women may or may not have accented curves but there’s only so much curve a woman can have before it’s not the natural curve but instead it’s the curve/s of over-indulged fat deposits.
        This being said, stick figures are the same, unhealthy, and deluded if they’re happy with their weight.
        Natural child-birth is not the only common way of delivering a baby.

        Fostering a healthy metabolism and not eating an overt amount of high energy foods throughout the day without burning it off with doses of exercise… apparently that’s impossible, or people are blindingly daft, I wonder which.

        tl;dr = Obesity and Anorexia are both horribly unhealthy.

          1. I laughed at the fact you’re calling them obese. They’re healthy. Just because someone is a little on the heavy side doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy. My friend’s mom is a little heavy, and she exercises every day and eats small meals with healthy choices, it’s just her body build.

            I’m sorry that you don’t like the fact that there are beautiful healthy women out there you can’t break in half with your pinky finger.

    2. People like you make me sick. And you wonder why girls have bulimia and anorexia? Because asstards like you that make them feel worthless if they aren’t skinny. Get a life jerk

    3. Can i just say to you…f*** off? how many times have you seen a smoking hot (albiet, probably insecure as hell) woman with an ugly little man, or douchebag, or whatever. Physical attraction is based on culture. Which is why few women in classic european art are the size of kate moss. You don’t like these women, you go date your shopaholic, bitchy soon to be leathery beef jerky skinned “ideal” 21st century woman. Most likely, she’ll be a bitch…who will end up like her fat mother. What?

  5. I really hope that every guy who express his disgust with these kinds of women himself look like an Adonis :D My experience is that men usually have much higer standards on womens looks/bodies the they have on their own…

  6. These women are beautiful! For god’s sake, some of you men are stupid. I’m surprised any of you have ever been in relationships, even though you probably sit at home all day staring at girls with the bodies of teenage boys. Thats pretty sad. I’m sure all these girls exercise, eat healthy blah blah blah, but some people have to work a lot harder than overs and I don’t think some people can understand that. I’d rather look like that than a size 0 Russian model with my ribs sticking out.
    And I really don’t care what some short arse skinny guy says, most women don’t find you attractive either.

  7. I say this in all seriousness, photoshopped. They could be skinny and super models and their pictures still would be photoshopped out the ass so I am not saying they need it more but…. I have trouble believing that these girls don’t have any stretch marks or cellulite. Whether they are attractive or not though is totally a preferential thing. Personally I like my ladies slimmer and athletic looking but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that they thought these chicks were hot. That’s fine by me. I’ll keep on being attracted to slimmer chicks. People need to stop being so sensitive. I don’t think it is particularly right of anyone to attack someone for a personal preference in body types.

  8. Calico, not everyone whos overweight has cellulite and stretch marks. I know tons of girls who are the same size of the girls in the pictures above and they dont have either.

    Also, Iwonder, why should these people come in here and say “fatties are ugly” and shit like that, but when I retaliate (and yes I admit it was immature) Im the one getting bitched at. You called them “fugly fat birds” which is just as immature as what I did. If your gunna bitch about immaturity, dont be immature. (and just so you know, Im not bitching, Im stating something)

  9. They look disgusting. Can you imagine the before and after photos? If you were to put the real photos of the women next to the photo shopped women, fat is gross. And notice they all have perfect fat bodies, no cellulite or fat dimples or multiple rolls. That not what real fat looks like. sick.

    1. You, disgust me. You should probably gain a pound or two. or, maybe get the hell of the site, you disrespectful immature, for lack of a better word, BITCH.

    2. The most stretch marks I’ve seen on women have always been thin women..

      Thin women have the most stretch marks which is quite odd. I do a lot of graphic design with my business and most of my time is removing flaws on women all day.

      In my opinion (since I’m in the business).. I’ve had to airbrush more models then I had to thicker women. My problem with thicker women was to make them thinner for today’s society. But keeping their breasts and bottoms still full.

      Society is effed. I suggest next time we all post pictures so we can talk about what is perceived as healthy and goodlooking.

  10. Um, I’m an average-sized woman who has fluctuated between overweight and thin for more than 10 years and I completely agree with Dayman. Men don’t give a flying fuck about whether or not a woman is confident about her body. Confidence is another way to just give fat girls more self-esteem and think that their unhealthy, portly figure is beautiful. Women should be comfortable with their bodies, but they should also be healthy. We’re just too afraid to criticize a fat girl for fear she’s going to drown her sorrows in food or just become anorexic. There’s a balance, people. And honesty is the first step to fixing all of this.

  11. eh. i guess its all about preference. if ya like big girls then these women will be atractive to you. ou might not like big girls and still think their a lil pretty. it dont matter. every body likes different body types. its not such a big deal.

    1. Hey now We Maori’s have got it going on! our men are hot and our women are curvy! and the rest of the world wishes they could be maori too!!!

    Seriously. What’s the message of this? “Some fat people are attractive, but you’re not.”
    Embrace imperfections, THEY are what make people attractive

  13. These images are not Photoshopped. The photographer, although he knows how to use Photoshop, does not use it for normal photos: “Despite his versatility, it’s easy to spot a Sundsbo image. His pictures look as if they’ve been digitally altered, when in fact often they haven’t. “People assume my work has been through a computer but actually I also use a lot of old-fashioned techniques,” he says. ” – from The Independant.
    Also, please note that obesity is defined as more than 20% of a person’s normal body weight. These ladies may be overweight as defined by insurance company standards, but they can hardly be called ‘obese’.
    If you like how they look, good for you. If you don’t, then that’s your opinion. Calling them names, however, just shows how childish you are and diminishes the value of your comment. Like my mother said many years ago, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”
    And just a side point, who in their right mind would use profanity in their handle? Certainly not adults (as in behaviour, not age).

  14. First, just because a woman is big doesn’t make her unhealthy. Unless, you know these women personally and have a PhD you are NOT qualified to make that statement. Second, if you can’t look past a person’s appearance and like them for who they are and not what they look like you’re an immature moron, they’re better off without you, and it’s your loss not theirs. And third, most of the guys who want the “perfect” girl are far from perfect themselves and have no right to judge.

    And to the one who said “honesty is the key to fixing all this”…What gives you the right to think there’s anything to fix? Maybe these women don’t feel they need fixing. And if they do it’s certainly not your place to say so. This is the problem with society. People like you and media images of what beautiful should look like. God made everyone the way he wanted them and as long as they’re happy with themselves you shouldn’t rain on their parade. Perhaps those of you doing the judging have low self esteem yourselves. It should really be legal to shoot such judgmental people and do everyone a favor

    1. Tasha, isn’t it so easy to say that because someone isn’t a PhD, they aren’t qualified to say something? As if reading or researching only counts if you have multiple degrees. Something to note that your school counselors failed to: judgment is helpful. It’s harmful when people get oversensitive and over-analyze the impact of an honest statement. Things would be pretty boring if everyone lived by, “If you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself.” It would also be counter productive. Good for these women for being proud of themselves, however. They should hold their heads high knowing that they have curves underneath, but I would suggest consulting a doctor about a healthy lifestyle if they don’t want to hear ‘non-professional’ opinions like these.

      You also enjoyed calling someone a moron for what they are attracted to. This sounds like similar logic to a guy calling a woman a lesbian for not being attracted to him. Then you actually go on to talk about God making everyone the way he wanted them and proceed to say: “judgmental people should be shot”? Seriously? You need to calm down here. Try to think.

  15. I think they are beautiful, If you say that the normal models are healthy and beautiful, the mayority time they suffer anorexia.
    I prefer this type of wowen, that skelethic models

  16. Women come in a range of sizes and shapes. These pictures are of beautiful women. There are younger and smaller women who are also beautiful, but I’d love to spend time with any of these. People who like slender boyish women make me wonder, but personally give me curves every time.

    Enjoy the one you’re with people.


  17. It makes me so damn sad to read these comments…
    I’ve had problems with my weight myself, even though I constantly exercise and eat healthy… but if I decide to eat some junkfood one time, it’s hard to get those calories away again… Like a lot of other women I got a really slow metabolism.
    I now lost 20 kilos, only because I don’t eat any candy anymore (and before I only had 2 small chocolates a day) and only eat junkfood about once a month.
    I’m now 65 kilo’s, which is a healthy weight for my length, but I still get called fat cause I’m not a skeleton and still got a little bit of fat on my arms.
    In my case, as in of many other women, we don’t have a fast metabolism.
    I’m probably healthier than all those supermodels you guys love so much (which I myself find really unhealthy and dangerous, being anorexic or boulimic) cause I exercise a few hours a day, and always eat healthy…. And I also feel healthy and good about myself.
    And if I look at the photo’s of these women above, they also look good, there’s absolutely no obesity in them, they just got a bit of fat.
    So guys, just try to think a bit before you call them obese and say comments that it’s their own fault.

  18. Whoever it was who said they’re obese is a stupid product of the image craze. If a woman is obese she has no figure left. These women are hefty, and healthily so. Most people don’t consider the health problems of being too slim when they talk about weight, but they’re just as real as problems stemming from being too heavy. Heart problems related to being obese are similar to those that occur when a person is too thin. So why don’t you people calling these women obese shove your opinion up your ass, because it isn’t worth shit.

  19. aside from finding the women in these photos sexy/attractive, it would never have occurred to me to think of them as overweight. as much as women come in all shapes and sizes, I would be more apt to think of a really thin girl as outside the healthy norm (and outside the spectrum of sexiness)

  20. All of the people who commented harshly on these photos, you probably arent all that either. You may think you are pretty hot stuff, but chances are, you are highly and i mean HIGHLY over rating yourself. Being overweight is their decision and being this is hot… well, what if those girls are completely okay with being that way? There are people that will and do think they are attractive.
    Look in the mirror all you dumb asses who left rude comments on here, you may have sits the size of asia on your face, hair in places it just shouldnt be in… EVER, noses that could knock books off a shelf, ribs showing right through your skin that really should have some sort of fat over it… you know… to protect your organs. You may have some dirty rash in places we dont want to know about, maybe your tan is so fake you resemble an oompa lumpa, or maybe your brain has just a few empty spaces that make you believe that you are, just that awesome. Well, boy do I have news for you…. there is something wrong with everyone.

    So, how about you keep your rude comments to yourself and let these girls be, get off your high horse, you’re probably a lot uglier than you think. (your friends are paid to tell you different, most likely by your parents;)

  21. All of the people who commented harshly on these photos, you probably arent all that either. You may think you are pretty hot stuff, but chances are, you are highly and i mean HIGHLY over rating yourself. “Being overweight is their decision and being this way is not hot… well, what if those girls are completely okay with being that way? There are people that will and do think they are attractive.
    Look in the mirror all you dumb asses who left rude comments on here, you may have zits the size of asia on your face, hair in places it just shouldnt be in… EVER, noses that could knock books off a shelf, ribs showing right through your skin that really should have some sort of fat over it… you know… to protect your organs. You may have some dirty rash in places we dont want to know about, maybe your tan is so fake you resemble an oompa lumpa, or maybe your brain has just a few empty spaces that make you believe that you are, just that awesome. Well, boy do I have news for you…. there is something wrong with everyone.

    So, how about you keep your rude comments to yourself and let these girls be, get off your high horse, you’re probably a lot uglier than you think. (your friends are paid to tell you different, most likely by your parents;)

  22. I cant wait till everyone will think of how disgusting a skinny woman really is. Bigger women a far sexier than any skinny chick will be, no matter what.

  23. is being skinny good for your health theres nothing wrong with being a little overweight and they are not obese…god you see a fat guy and hes funny the life of the party noone says anything about his weight.

  24. “Obesity can cause WAY more health issues than anything.”

    But these models are not obese.

    “Also, these women ARE obese, anything over the proper weight for their height is obese.”

    No, they are’nt. Show me an official documentation that would convict them as obese, and not just you pulling it out of your pelvis.

    You seem to only rely on science or medicine when it conveniences you or your perception of reality, crazybones.

    “Im so fucking tired of people sugar-coating this crap.”

    Heh. Sugar-coating.

    I’m sick of you pro-anorexics and fat-frantic idiots warping scientific facts just to perpetuate your own new world order of vanity and sameness. You deny science and you reject logic at your discretion, all in the name of your pathetic, scrawny ideals, and yet for some reason, people don’t see this as a big, red warning sign to keep away from your worldview.

    This is because you tell people exactly what their prejudices want them to hear. Just like when white supremacists play on Average White Joe’s simmering fear of minorities by spreading the idea that minorities are criminals, or when homophobes play on straight people’s squick-prone sexuality by portraying gays and lesbians as sexual deviants, or how misogynists portray women as irrational or supremacist (and you certainly aren’t helping). Irrational fear is your playground.

    And you probably couldn’t give less of a fuck, right? Right.

    “There are average, healthy models out there, but nobody could give less of a fuck.”

    Considering you view these models as obese when they clearly aren’t, not by the medical or logical definition, I have serious doubts in your ability to sanely identify “average” or “healthy” qualities in anyone who isn’t built like a lamp post.

    “It always, ALWAYS has to be taken to an extreme to be noticed.”

    Look who’s talking.

    Oh, and again, in what parallel universe is this an example of an “extreme measure?”

    “It is not beautiful.”

    I don’t particularly find poky ribcages and jutting hips to be all that attractive or aesthetically appealing, myself, but that’s the thing about beauty, isn’t it? It’s very subjective, and your definition will never be someone else’s. Diversity, she is the spice of life.

    You are a supremacist. You are not a racial supremacist, or a straight supremacist; you are a size supremacist. You feel that larger people are not equal to you and produce manufactured justifications for this worldview to convince yourself that you’re not a supremacist; that this is just how the world is, it’s natural.

    It’s really sick.

    “Gluttony should not be portrayed in a way that makes it even the slightest bit attractive.”

    Neither should self-starvation, bulimic tendencies or the like, but those aren’t the only things that can cause a person to become very thin, are they? Why do you attribute
    “gluttony” as the only cause of weight gain when we have made so many discoveries in recent years about the diverse causes of weight gain and body shape/size? Just to drive the point home, why do you deny science at your leisure?

    It does not instill confidence in your readers that you know what you’re talking about.

    You have mistaken legitimate intelligence for condescension and snark and you’ve counted your fashionable alligator boots before they’ve hatched. You are underweight and based on your posts, I take it you carry the same mentality as other pro-anorexics I’ve observed, and thus, you are also mentally unwell.

    This is not to say that all underweight people are pro-anorexics or mentally unwell, and I have to say, as someone who knows several very sane thin people, you aren’t doing them any favors. Pretty soon they’re going to get sick of being pinned with the “obnoxious, venomous pro anorexic” stereotype, and I’ll be more than happy to tell them who to direct their anger at.

  25. I don’t think it’s fair to call these girls overweight, and I find the title of this site a bit offensive. Not only are they gorgeous, but not too long ago, they would have been our version of supermodels. They aren’t fat. In the first picture, the girl on the left has a flat stomach, and the only reason it looks like she has a “roll” is because she’s arching her back. Same with a lot of girls. I agree, people shouldn’t be overweight, but the idea of obesity has changed a lot, and, in my opinion, has taken a turn for the worse. Statistically speaking, there are only eight people in the whole world who are naturally built the way society now calls for. When women like this were called great beauties, eating disorders were virtually non-existent. A woman’s body is supposed to have more fat in it that a male’s because we were built to support a child, which is, essentially, a parasite. When you have another living being inside you, you’re sorta required to have extra stores so you don’t damage yourself or the baby. What do you think breast tissue is? Women who have naturally large breasts are gonna be a bit heavier than the ones without. It’s a basic fact of the animal kingdom that the animals who have a healthy level of extra fat stored live longer because they can give birth to healthier offspring and, if food is scarce, not starve to death. These women are healthy, and not in the least bit “obese” or “overweight.

  26. It’s just a matter of personal preferences. But what I sense here, is the demonization of the non-overweight worshippers.
    What one thinks is beautiful, concerns only to him/her.

  27. Before I get to my point I will first say I find these women very pretty. Getting back to my point it’s kind of unbelievable. Women of this size do in fact have some type of visible stretch marks and or cellulite around the stomach, hips, thighs and breast. Even Kim Kardashian who is smaller than most these models had cellulite until she had cellulite removal. These women DO have some rolls that are photoshopped out. Anyways I find slender women more attractive but they are pretty don’t get me wrong.

  28. ok, first of all THEY ARE NOT OBESE, if you think they are, you’re dumb / ignorant PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    And then there’s tastes, I for example dont like skinny bags of bones theyre ugly

  29. some guy, what i meant was that the people on here calling these women unhealthy can’t possibly know that unless they themselves are these women’s doctor. they don’t neccessarily have to be unhealthy. you can be small and be unhealthy too. i do, however, stick by my “immature moron” statement. and, for the record, judgment may be helpful but bashing a person’s looks most certainly is not.

    And one more thing. God doesn’t make judgment people. That’s a choice. And I know some bone head is going to say “well being fat is a choice blah blah blah” so don’t disappoint me. let’s hear some more of these very intelligent (i wish you could hear the sarcasm) responses

  30. Sorry folks but these are considered full figured women and they are gorgeous. I personally prefer them to skinny, anorexic women. I like to feel I’m hugging or holding someone that isn’t going to break. They typically are happy with themselves as their photos demonstrate which translates into appreciation of those who appreciate them. Regardless of how a woman looks or appears, the chances are if you are willing to take the time, you will find something that makes them attractive. That goes for men too ladies.

  31. Wow, some reallybeautiful pictures,love the photography.
    The comments are making me laugh, there obese?! Seriously. Its funny to see how the media has skewed peoples perception so much, these women are more than likley overweight but I doubt they would hit an obese level, as opposed to the huge majority of skinny celebrities and models who are underweight, with dangerously low BMI’s. But then again we seem to live in a culture where its fine to be underweight and unhealthy (hell, its encouraged and hammered into us!) but not the other way.

  32. All I know is that “I” think they look beautiful. I would be so happy to have one of these woman as my own. My experience has been that woman who are large, I would not use the term “overweight” since that implies they differ from the ideal, and who are happy with them selves and do not obsess over being skinny,are much happier, fun and sexier than skinny women who are always dissatisfied with themselves. Give me a woman who has curves like this and who knows how to use them to make us both happy, and I am a happy man.

    1. Quote: “I would not use the term “overweight” since that implies they differ from the ideal,”

      The term “overweight” is not used to express differing from an ideal weight. Overweight is a term to describe a health condition of having more body fat than is optimally healthy.

      1. Ideal by what standard? is everyone who is 5’1 supposed to weigh 105 pounds? I think that the ideal for everyone is subjective and influenced by height, bone structure, genetics, etc. Someone who is 5’1 and 105 lbs may not be as healthy as someone who is 5’1 and 135. Usually a doctor can best determine this, not just some self loathing individual judging on a perceived visual ‘fault’

        1. Normally ideal weight is determined by your BMI (Body Mass Index) and you’re right your doctor can determine that, or if you live in the UK Boots the chemist has electronic scales that measure your height too & determine your BMI, but i wouldn’t trust that too much, doctors much better.

          1. BMI is just your height times weight and means nothing. I agree with Kali, because it really does have to do with your bone structure and whatnot. I am much heavier than I look, and I even surprise my doctors when I jump on the scale. It’s because I am bigger boned and if I was the recommended 105 pounds for my height I would look like a skeleton

  33. Just because I am not attracted to women like this, who are over weight, doesn’t mean I like anorexic girls. Believe it or not, there is a middle ground between these girls and Kate Moss skinny. Scarlett Johansson is an example of a curvy women who isn’t, well, fat.

    If these girls are comfortable with their bodies, that’s great, but don’t tell me I have to be attracted to them. Don’t tell me I am pushing women towards anorexia because I’m not a fan of women with a larger waist line than myself. It’s the same concept as me not being attracted to someone with bad teeth or someone who is too skinny.

  34. What I thought after looking at these pictures is that anyone, ANYONE can be beautiful with photoshop. With the right makeup, the right light, the right photographer who knows your right angle, and with the help of some photoshop (you know, for cellulite, stretch marks. Because I think it’s sort of impossible for these girls to not have them) anyone can have a pretty picture like these.

    Now, being overweight can or cannot be healthy. I myself was a little overweight. I lost a lot of weight by now, and it help lots, because being overweight lead me to have Insuline Resistance because of the lack of exercice throughout my life (since there aren’t any antecedents of diabetes in my family). So, being overweight IS actually unhealthy and it really shouldn’t be praised, looked up to or anyhting.

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little “junk in the trunk” (like the girl on the fifth picture), because that isn’t necessarily unhealthy. That’s a result from a really slow metabolism, which is nobody’s fault and is extremely exhausting to take care of. She will never, EVER be a size 0, because of the way her metabolism works and because her bone stucture is thicker. So, I think there’s nothing wrong with her, and she’s actually attractive, fairly normal.

    Well, I think everybody can work a body with confidence and look attractive, I do, but being overweight, most of the time, is not healthy, and it should be taken care of if possible because it can cause some serious diseases. AND being too skinny isn’t healthy at all either and it obviously doesn’t have to be looked up to like it is now by publicity and the media. I mean, not everybody can have a pefect model-like body and people who can’t shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves, but pretty much everybody can reach a healthy weight according to their height.

    Everything is harmful in excess. Especially weight.

  35. ok, i was polite earlier. these models are grogeous, drop dead gorgeous. the angry defensive fetishists for skinny can fuck off.

    i understand that men have different tastes. i think few of them prefer thin, despite vocal outcry hereabouts.

    but it is the rudeness, and ugliness of those “thin freaks” that provokes me. go back to your little rocks where you prefer women you will never see who look like 9 yr old boys. I will take any chance with these hot hot women

  36. Who the F*** gives a “rats ass” about a fat person or a skinny person?! A skinny person is no more than a fat one! We are all people and the only thing that can separate a person to another, is their lack of judgement!!!
    And you know what i noticed? the people who “DO” judge other people for who they are as a person, are usually the ugly ones, so its never our loss.

  37. There’s a difference between chunky, and obese. These women are on the heavier side of chunky, but aren’t quite ‘obese’ to one’s eyes. However, their weight to height ratio will show ‘obese’.

    Thus said, they do have pretty faces, but rolls of fat aren’t nice at all. I’m sure some will complain about my comment, but it’s usually those who are fat themselves, and want to make it the ‘norm’ so they feel socially acceptable.

    Drop the Ding Dongs, and go for a walk. (Oh, and please don’t come back with “I’m fat, and I’m very healthy.” No, you’re not.)

    1. Yes I am. I am 30 lb over what is considered to be the ideal weight for a person my hight and I have normal blood pressure, colesterol level, etc…everything is normal…except for my weight. I know all this because I had a very through physical exam last month….so I can say “I’m fat, and I’m very healthy” and I have the test results to prove it.

      Another thing, since one of the parameters for calculating BMI is weight how accurate can it be? You can be all muscle and no fat and have the BMI of an obese person. Is such a person obese?

      1. 30 lbs overweight and healthy? Good for you. But the extra weight in the long run won’t do you any good. In any case, I was waiting for someone to bring up the BMI thing. There’s always one who says “Oh yeah, well if you’re buff, your BMI shows you’re obese”.

        Yeah, but when you’re buff, you know you’re not fat, and don’t need to lose weight.

        Now I wait for the one who comes along with the “Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14!”. Just to save some time, sizing back in the 50s was not the same as today’s sizing. A size 14 in 1950 is equivalent to about a 6 today.

  38. The thing is, the camera piles on the pounds. If you saw these girls walking on the streets you might consider them to look normal or just a little curvy.

    I still think they look gorgeous, but to try and be fair if it looks like their BMI (Body Mass Index) might be too much, and they are posing for a fashion shoot, it would be the same as somebody with a BMI lower then it should be posing for a photo shoot- a typical model, too thin for good health.

    I understand that the industry is trying to show that bigger women should be appreciated, but the whole issue is around health and healthy body image, so counteracting the anorexic look should be with a healthy body, not a body that is equally unhealthy but is just the opposite of skinny. It’s almost like they are over compensating and missing the point, and in the end healthier bodies aren’t getting the publicity they deserve. By healthy I mean within your healthy BMI.

    None the less, these ladies are very beautiful.

  39. Feh… when given the topic of discussion and debate, people misunderstand and flat out argue with each other. When thrown the topic of body mass, people swarm like a plague of locusts.

    Me personally, I strongly dislike and disagree with anyone that chastises the human body as something that is ugly and disgraceful whenever there are a few “extra” details placed upon certain extremities or the torso/abdomen itself. The human body, (whether thin or large) is a beautiful work of art and should be respected for the complex miracle that it is. We, as a highly intellectual species, try day in and day out to recreate what nature has perfected only to fail multiple times. The closest we manage to come are robots, but even they have their MANY flaws.

    Bottom line, nothing is perfect. Nothing was ever meant to be perfect. So instead of constantly patronizing others for how they look, perhaps the commenters on this article should take a moment to think about a world where everything was perfect.

    Mostly people will probably imagine a utopia where illnesses, extreme temperatures, death, deformities, and terrible things in general don’t exist and that everyone is skinny. Now, take that image and age it a few hundred years. What happens to the beauty then? It slows down, withers, wilts, and dies, in order to make way for the next generation.

    Some food for thought: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” “Nothing is perfect”. We are a flawed creation of nature, each living thing has flaws and defects, but it is in those defects that true beauty will shine. Outer beauty fades over time, but inner beauty (personality, character) can withstand the test of time, if given the chance.

    P.S.: A large, curvy body is more compositionally sound than a skinny one. :)

    1. Lol Honestly Resident Artist, I agree with you, believe it or not I’m in my final year of Art in university, with a topic like this it’s important to be rational, yes a body is in the eye of the beholder, and yes your body mass index is important too if you want to stay healthy. It’s not one or the other, and to ignore one or the other is thoughtless. Anyway, people here seem a bit insane, I’m not going to wright anymore all the updates go to my phone :S

      1. Woops, sorry resident artist, just re-read you’re comment and realized by body mass you didn’t mean body mass index. so what i said is irrelevant, unless taken out of the context.

  40. I do not understand how putting one of these wobbly old growlers in a “swimsuit” makes them attractive. There is no way they could swim, unless they got caught in a fisherman’s dragnet when they were wallowing around in the shallow end looking for sea grease or whatever.

    I was fat once and guess what, I do not think I was happy. I cannot say for sure because my brain was all clogged up with CHEESE and HAM PARTICLES and I couldn’t rightly say WHAT was going on. What was going on? Hint: It wasn’t my thyroid, it wasn’t my bone structure or my hormones or any of that nonsense. It was the simple fact that I ate three breakfasts, two lunches and a dinner as big as my head. When I wasn’t shovelling chunks of meatloaf down my sweaty gullet I was lying on my side trying to let the bed sores heal on my BIG FAT BACK.

    So don’t tell me I am attractive because I’m not. And neither are you, you hefty old scrote.

    GET A JOB.

    P.S. I am still fat so don’t get on at me about anorexics or whatever.

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