You Don’t Like Overweight Girls? Think Again!

Most of people doesn’t like overweight girls. Famous artists use Photoshop to show us how fat celebrities are thin and beautiful. But what most of people doesn’t know is that confidence is the key to being irresistible! And if you don’t like yourself, why would anyone else like you? You can think about that while watching photos made by Sølve Sundsbø…

About Sølve Sundsbø: Sølve Sundsbø is a Norwegian photographer who lives in London. His career began when four months into a course at the London College of Printing he became Nick Knight’s assistant.

Now Sundsbø is a regular contributor to magazines including Pop, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Numéro, Visionaire and Vogue Nippon.

He has also worked with various high-profile clients including Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Nike, Lancôme and Mac cosmetics, as well as shooting album covers for Royksopp and Coldplay.

Sundsbø was voted best newcomer at the ‘International Festival of Fashion’ in Hyeres in spring 1999 and was chosen as Fashion Photographer by Creative Review for their ‘Creative Futures’ exhibition in Autumn 1999.

He also contributed to the Biennale Florence with Alexander McQueen and held a personal exhibition at the International Festival of Fashion in Hyeres in 2003.

Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Make up: Frank B
Hair: Esther Langham
Models: Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn (Ford NY), Kasia P

824 thoughts on “You Don’t Like Overweight Girls? Think Again!

  1. Well,I have been called n***er by a LOT of fat,greasy,stupid,ugly honkies.(But I don’t know if I was ever so slagged by an attractive person.) Anyway,I am not saying obese women are inferior to me or undeserving of respect,just that a life-size Brett doll such as myself sees no need to date someone who,in many cases,is also loud and tries to don duds made for BABES!!!!(Well,fat women ARE babes…TWO AND SOMETIMES THREE BABES,THAT IS!!!!)

  2. ROFL well these comments are just getting weirder and weirder.

    Let me ask though… do guys really think overweight women of what ever size wish to have more guys think they are attractive… or to convince more men to date them… or to change the minds of men who are attracted to thin ladies to suddenly want to date fat chicks?

    Cause that is what it appears most males opinions are here. If that really is what overweight women want, then overweight women are god damn stupid. But if its a misconception on the part of the majority of males… then they are the god damn idiots.

    Its ok to be overweight if you have accepted yourself and the consequences of being overweight. And they should not be discriminated for it in relation to work or social situations other than dating. Everyone has the right to date those they are attracted to. And ‘Yup’ if you aren’t attracted to overweight ladies, then do not date an overweight lady. If you have otherwise fallen for said overweight lady regardless of her size, then don’t lie, but don’t be cruel… that should be damn obvious. If a lady asks “Is my butt big in this?” then bloody well say something INTELLIGENT like “I really like the skirt you wore to *insert event here* that shows off your curves.” Crisis avoided and you inadvertently gave a compliment while saving their feelings. Why are men so stupid about such things? If you would like to see her lose weight, suggest you both do activities that require physical exertion… and when you go to dinner, go somewhere where the food choices are healthy. Its not rocket science, its called common sense. You can not be lucky enough to be able to be reasonably inactive and to eat junk and not put on weight and do so with or in front of your overweight girlfriend and expect no weight gain. But its incredibly common for men to do!
    No matter our weight, we should ALL be living healthier lives. Just because the majority of males are able to be inactive and eat junk without gaining obvious weight does not mean they are any healthier. The dangerous fat is fat contained around the organs. Thin men who think they can eat what ever they want often end up with sky rocketing blood pressure, high cholesterol and are a severe risk for stroke and heart attack. My father is one, the skinny idiot has been able to eat what ever he likes his whole life without gaining weight… well he almost killed himself that way.

    We should not discriminate against anyone… but when it comes to relationships our attraction is our own personal choice. And we ALL should try to be more active and more healthy… fat, normal or thin… and those who like to publicly belittle fat people are more disgusting than those fat people.

    1. THIS is how awesomeness is done. Straight up Legit.

      You’re right. There is an overall sense that obese women have a sense of entitlement to guys simply for not being jerks. In which case, there are plenty of non-jerks out there, so it would take a little more than just non-jerkiness to stand out. (Yet another message to the self-proclaimed “nice guys”.)

      But if you’re right, and that this is a mere misconception, then that is good news, because I certainly don’t choose my friends by weight, and I don’t want them to feel like I have less respect for them on the basis of mere BMI.

      I guess the root thing for me is: I would love to be attracted to girls of my own body type without that big cloud looming over my head saying “You like thin girls? You aren’t attracted to most big girls? What a jerk!”.

      See, my city was recently rated highest in the nation in obesity. It’s frustrating because it is almost always such a strong turn-off for me, yet girls of my body type seem rare around here. And on top of that, the ones who aren’t are usually fairly unapproachable, or critical of how you make a move.

      That’s why I want to move to Colorado. When more of the people are thin, then suddenly so many OTHER factors come into play in attraction, because it isn’t the obese/jerk bipolarity. Because in terms of personality, many guys seem to like the sluttier, more sex oriented personalities. But I’m just looking for a more motherly, nerdy, slightly awkward girl, which is ultra-rare in the bipolar area here.

      1. I completely understand what you are saying “Yup”. Do you feel compelled to resort to dating bigger girls than you find attractive because of society? Or because you are limited for choice of thin women in your area?
        I do have to say though, the problem that you find with thin girls having attitude problems in your area is widespread. They are arrogant, because they are allowed to be, because they are physically more attractive, they have allowances made for their attitude.

        And here is a two fold problem… they arent attracted to you… ironically. You dont want to date the fat girls cause you arent attracted… and the thin girls arent attracted to you because you aren’t overtly masculine. If you oozed masculine charm, those girls would not be turning you down.

        Forgive me for this, this will no doubt sound highly offensive…

        Self proclaimed nice guys. No. There is no such thing, there are just guys who are able to be outwardly masculine and others that for various reasons can no be outwardly masculine. It may be because they are weak physically or mentally… or perhaps because they have had overbearing parents who pushed them into a submissive role. One way or another society has tried hard as a whole to demasculinise men. They are not allowed to be sexual, to be assertive for accusation of aggression. Feminism made a terribly negative impact on society in many ways.

        Being a slightly overweight girl (who is making an active effort to change that) I can honestly say that I would never, ever, ever want to date someone that did not find me attractive. However, on the flip side… I have never in my entire life had a problem in the dating scene with attracting men. I have received more attention than I wanted. I have dated famous footballers, male models, musicians, athletes, geneticists, executives, tradies and even the unemployed. From all walks of life, all sizes and shapes and levels of intelligence and success.
        But this is because I am confident, logical and realistic.
        My point however is… there is no reason I can see at all, that being overweight would exclude women from success in dating. However everyones level of confidence and ability to view things realistically is absolutely the key. If you are not confident or you dont have a realistic idea of dating… then you wont be successful… male or female… fat or thin.

        Being an overweight woman though… is a huge set back when looking for work. And that is definitely not appropriate.

        1. “Self proclaimed nice guys. No. There is no such thing.” That paragraph was pretty awesome. Is what I mean by “self-proclaimed nice guys” is basically the ones that say “Well, I’m not a jerk, so girls are jerks for not dating me.” I know this because I used to be one (I hope to god that train has passed.)

          But you’re definitely right about how feminism is killing men being men. Me and many guys I know are to the point where we are hiding the majority of true feelings. This isn’t just widespread, it’s now commonplace. Because almost anything and everything a guy feels is labelled “politically-incorrect”.

          Who does this affect? Mostly the respectful guys. Think about it. If it’s considered respectful to not show sexual desire, or irritation, (or hell, sometimes just enthusiasm) Then the ones who care will hide themselves, and the narcissists will appear ever more interesting for not changing.

          (Of course, you’ll have to excuse me on this topic. I have a bit of history with the subject I’m still sorting out.)

          I’m afraid to continue because I don’t want to kill the original topic.

          But you made an interesting point with your success with men. See, I’d be willing to bet that even if you became much LESS attractive, you would still have a lot of male attention. Guys get, like, none of this. That seems to be something women forget. The guys who have a lot of success are the ones GIVING the attention. To be brutally honest about how I feel, it seems like if guys stopped making a move, then relationships would drop by about 95%. I’ve never heard a guy say “I’m interested in her and all, but I’m just not interested in a relationship.” We don’t pass up that opportunity by not being in the mood at the time. Or not having time.

          Sorry. Rough morning.

          1. Okay a tad more:

            This really isn’t a big deal in normal situations, because at the same time, women wouldn’t receive attention unless guys gave it. So it can turn 360. And generally it seems like guys used to be more focused on their lives and less on women.

            But when we’re all hiding up inside our heads, this makes us less attractive and less likely to make a move, leaving us with a bunch of stored up feelings as we watch the women we like pass by. Things get taken personally in the relationship side, and then all the success in the world doesn’t mean anything when “you’re a guy, so the system prefers you, anyway.” Being successful is no longer considered anything special, but the rarity of pushing through socialized barriers and asking a girl out suddenly becomes the thing you have to put more effort towards.

            As for my area. I knew a guy from LA who also lived in Colorado Springs before moving to my area in Southern Indiana. He didn’t seem to be interested in making many friends. When I talked to him his response was basically, “I feel like just talking to someone I don’t know here is breaking some huge taboo. I feel like girls here are almost insulted by compliments. And it seems that even though there are fewer attractive girls, even the average ones have the stuck-up attitude that only supermodels back home would show.”

            In other words, sure, the most attractive girls may be critical and snobby anywhere. But even the average girl where he is from is more attractive than most people around here. And the average girls where he was from are approachable. In essence, I leave here, and I can find a girl I’m attracted enough to, who is probably more attractive the 90% of the population down here, and she would be approachable.

            That’s basically the consensus of why my school is 72% women. Most of the guys I know leave pretty quickly. My cousin in Seattle saying “It’s a whole different world outside there. Over there, their gender roles are stuck in the 50′s yet everyone is also insulted to fill them.”

  3. Oh but I love this conversation… its rare for someone to have a good grasp of reality and of themselves AND to not have an enormous fit over some perceived insult.

    You are right about the average looking women in that area… and it has nothing at all to do with how attractive they are, but with how much attention they get. In that area, they are the top 30 or so percent… so the top 30 percent or so of men will be paying them all the attention. Do you know how many female friends I have? ZERO. This is one reason. Their whole being is focused on male attention.

    Another reason is that they are into stupid things like shopping, clothes, shoes, gossip and whatever else that really does not hold my interest. The fact that I am interested in herpetology, fishing, camping, motorbikes, computer games and gadgets puts me into a small percentage of which are mostly full of attention seeking hoes anyway!! When was the last time you saw a girl from any one of these interests that wasn’t whoring off a niche she has filled and feeding off the attention from the males in that hobby?
    And I’m bi-sexual!!! Not finding the personality or motives of any women attractive is a bit sad for me… so I can completely understand where you come from.

    You are right about my attractiveness versus success… when I was younger I was MUCH more attractive. I was thinner… hell, I was on the hot side… and I got a lot less attention that I was aware of, because I had no confidence and I had no sense of self. I couldn’t make eye contact with people and had trouble communicating. So I am very well aware that 80% of your attractiveness to the opposite sex is about your presence… but it sure does help if you try to present yourself well physically as well.

    You are also right about the more respectful and more subdued males suffering for feminism. You see footballers getting away with being complete and utter disrespectful, dangerous meatheads… and it seems socially acceptable. Then when a diminutive male has the hide to approach a female… well how dare he!

    I do have to say… the nerdy thin slightly socially awkward girl you seek is pretty much non-existent. (I would even suggest you are somewhat a fan of anime based on this?) This is pretty much an anime styled dream girl image… these girls don’t exist, because if they did, they get that attention from the nerds in their company which rapidly converts them to the other side of the field… those arrogant girls with all the male attention… those niche girls I mentioned previously.

    I would suggest that anyone that has a particular image of their ideal sitting in their head is missing a potential real mate by discounting others around because they dont tick some of the boxes. I mean the physical type I am attracted to is rather tall and lean… but I seem to mostly end up with average-short guys who are bulky (mostly muscle). Its really not my cup of tea, but then again I find women more physically attractive than men anyway so I am ok making a compromise with this. It only gets awkward when I wear heals, being a tall girl, and end up taller than my partner.

    Bringing it back to the weight issue again… because of my height any little bit of weight I put on seems so much more than it is. I have noticed very small girls can get away with having MORE weight. I am only 5 kilos overweight… but even when I was within my ideal weight range, I had a doctor suggest I need to lose weight! I do put this down to having a 10HH chest though as well, a fricken huge hold back regardless of what flat chested women might think about me.

    Feminism… it ruined my chances of a man being a man. I mean, I am an awfully strong and assertive girl… I want my man at least one up on that, I want him to be more assertive than I am. It doesn’t happen… I constantly feel out on my own in the world… doomed never to find a man willing to be a real man because of feminism. I can’t stand meat heads either… I just want a man who is a nerd and can put up a tent and gut a fish as well! ROFL
    I know… Im asking too much.

    1. “Feminism… it ruined my chances of a man being a man. I mean, I am an awfully strong and assertive girl… I want my man at least one up on that, I want him to be more assertive than I am.”

      I totally understand. And it’s hard to one-up on taking the lead when some things like compliments or suggestions are responded with anywhere from gratitude to utter insult.

      Of course, I have history in this as well. An ex of mine would talk about how hot her exes were, how much better it is to sleep with girls than guys, and how easily she could get other guys. “but you’re hot, though” she would say. I brought up how uncomfortable it made me feel that she was bragging about her sexual endeavors. She told me I was an insensitive, insulting bastard and stopped talking to me for a week, as she did in most conflicts. I wouldn’t call that a relationship.

      But anyway, it’s yet again hard to take the lead in anything when men taking the lead is treated as the girl being submissive, again politically-incorrect. This same girl wanted me to initiate physical touch, and kept wanting to sleep with me to help her “withdrawal symptoms”. It was a little empowering to be able to tell HER “I’d be interested, too, but no.” but of course, she ends up breaking up with me saying I’m like any other guy, “interested only in sex and bragging rights”.

      It’s really hard to take charge when you don’t even know how they’re gonna react.

      But actually, I did find the thin, geeky, slightly awkward girl a bit back. She was an adorable English major. But I guess there’s a mental stability factor as well, since we broke up because “The characters in her book were mad at her for dividing her attention.”

      Maybe that’s something else I would find elsewhere. A bit of sanity.

      But anyway, enough of my drama BS.

      And no, you’re not asking too much for the nerd that can put up the tent and fish.

      I, for instance, am a Engineering major, Math minor, computer geek. And quite frankly, I want to be the one building my house. I’ve been craving camping trips, canoeing, backpacking, four-wheeling, etc. But I grew up in a suburb. That is, if urban and country living are on opposite sides of a fence, my area was the spot of purgatory limbo right on top of the fence. Nothing urban within walking distance, but only a postage stamp for land. I feel like I should have put college on hold for a year and went on a “walkabout”. :-/

      Most guys crave that stuff but have little opportunity, because it’s all about getting your A’s and getting that well-paid cubicle job. As I said, physically unfulfilling. And I love girls who are into the outdoorsy stuff, but I usually assume I won’t get a second glance for not having already done much of that. But it’s been more opportunity than desire.

      But really, camping trip with the outdoorsy girl? Sounds phenomenal. Especially if we went with as little as possible, and had to come up with creative ways to live off the land.

      1. Oh yeah, and Anime Girls are freaking obnoxious, actually. I WAS in Japanese club, for the language and philosophy, but anime has almost become a pet peeve to be honest.

        1. What kind of a nasty person does something like that to their partner? Girls are just as guilty of thoughtless words as men are.
          I sometimes can not even comprehend other people and perhaps I should just be single forever!! I will go out of my way to do something that will make my partner happy… get up to make them a cup of coffee or a snack or make their lunch when I have no intention of having any myself.
          I don’t do this because it is my duty… I do this because I sincerely care about making my partner happy… and Im not a lazy sod LOL Yet after a while of behaving like this, I am quickly treated as though it is my duty! Do you think I have ever been with someone that reciprocates? Nope. Do they ever even care? On my logic they don’t.
          It applies to things like bragging about or talking too much about ex partners. Why would you, when it will hurt your partners feelings. And then the kicker, the thing I REALLY dont understand is how they then are angry that you have hurt feelings! How is that even touching the plane of logic?
          How is punishing your partner by not talking to them for a week appropriate? Its not, if you can’t communicate your feelings to your partner then leave and find someone who you can communicate with.
          Sorry for the rant… I just do not get people.

          Oh… and another thing… why are men and women not allowed to be different? They ARE different. Men DO want sex. Why the hell can’t women get over it? Accept it, appreciate men for what/who they are? Why is it bad for a man to want sex? If he is respectful, if he is faithful… what does it matter? In fact, I think men today lack a bit of sexual drive because they have been stifled. Porn is too easy to access and guys are losing their touch… but thats another issue I guess.

          **”The characters in her book were mad at her for dividing her attention.” ** all I can say is …ROFL… sorry for laughing at your pain. But this does bring back a lot of memories of some odd ones I have dated in the past. There is a point where interesting crosses the line right into insanity and theres no coming back. Wish I could say I knew a girl like the one you are after that I could point you in the direction of… but I really… really dont. I know a lot of very pretty and exotic looking girls, but most are average – chubby. And most are nerd niche hoes. Actually its been a while since I have seen a thin girl :/

          Had a laugh at the walkabout comment… I live in Australia… would love to go walkabout xD
          Actually I have a dream I’ve never been able to share… of going on a holiday to live off the land for a while. Not too long, but doing it regularly, maybe a few times a year for a few days. Not shared by a single person I’ve met, guy or girl. I dated a hunter once… I *thought* I would be lucky for once… but it turns out he hated the idea for some reason. Perhaps it was because he would have had to be alone with me for some period of time and he was one of those guys that have only one use for women. Plus he hated the idea of me having any kind of freedom and that was what ended our relationship… I have to have freedom, I grew up “in the bush” and spent my childhood chasing snakes and lizards through fields! Its not about being alone… I am happy whether my partner comes with me or not, I just have to get out and feel like I am not governed by society.
          Probably just sounds stupid. And I have completely hijacked this… what ever it is LOL

          1. “I will go out of my way to do something that will make my partner happy”

            In all honesty, I used to think (late primary, early secondary school) that a relationship consisted of a man expressing interest in a girl, the girl deciding whether or not she would put up with it, and then the guy consistently providing for her in exchange for her not walking out on him. I thought girls hated or were at least indifferent about sex, and used it as a system of reward and punishment for men.

            So really, wanting to give without expecting much in return was all part of the deal for me.

            (Absolutely hilarious that you’re from Aussie. I thought I was going to have to explain what a walkabout is. lol)

            And laughing at my pain? What pain? I mean yeah, it hurts that I was rejected for a bunch of fictional characters. But do I really want to date someone who would reject me for that? Not so much. What hurts is that it was yet another relationship that fit into my old high school ideology that girls didn’t actually want relationships.

            “Men DO want sex. Why the hell can’t women get over it?”
            Kinda awesome to hear that from you as well! Let me touch on my explanation:

            For one, guys are very geometrical and action-oriented. You can organize communication between verbal, emotional, and action-oriented.

            Verbal is basically on bottom for guys and girls. Anyone can fake the words “I love you” or “I’m fine”. But in higher priorities, girls tend to focus more on the emotional and guys tend to focus on the action.

            For instance, a guy may not compliment you or say “I love you” all that much, but will probably display this by fixing things for you or making something.

            Well, in a way, this applies to sex as well. Sex says “I love you” in a way words, inflections, and tones of voice don’t.

            The second reasoning is a little more disappointing. As guys become less legit and present, the seem more creepy. As they seem more creepy, girls are less likely to be interested in sleeping with a guy. The more girls turn guys down, the more of an achievement it becomes to actually get a girl in bed. So then sex becomes a status symbol, and instead of guys getting high on money/status-addiction, they get high on sex/status-addiction. I got two words to prove this: Charlie. Sheen.

            I think the manic sexuality problem is far more related to the latter than the former, and the former seems extremely media-influenced. With the most successful guys sleeping around and the virgins being considered “The lowest of the low. The bottom 1%. The pathetic guy-wannabes.”

            Think “40-year-old virgin”.

            “Getting laid” has become some stupid ticket into manhood. (I guess since there really isn’t another outlet?) It’s a shame, because I would rather not be associated with that. The only thing i relate to those guys is genitalia, but that seems to be the only part that matters.

            As for living off the land for a few days, I’m really surprised that’s an unfulfilled dream. I thought the only reason people didn’t take time off like that was because society didn’t give them time. I guess some people are too afraid to leave Facebook for a few hours. Or it could be linguistic. It seems like almsot everyone besides the US calls it “going on holiday”, while the US calls it “vacation”. Holiday seems to suggest it’s a recovery time, or time to be yourself. Vacation sounds more like “time at which you are not at work, and therefore unproductive”, or “recovery time necessary to maintain productive levels.”

            Probably too far off topic, e-mail might be better suited.

            To redirect this. Overall attraction almost comes down to a point system. The more you have in one area, the more you can get away with on the other. The better the personality, the less ideal your physique has to be. The more ideal the physique, the more pathetic displays of immaturity you can get away with.

            If you think about it, noone can assume anything about your personality at first contact. Like I said, you can’t walk up to some random person and say “I love your personality”. However, physique is something you can recognize at a distance.

            In fact, while women have little emphasis on physique and men have more emphasis, clothing and style have probably the biggest impression on both before you two meet. Because if you think about it. the clothes you wear is a conscious effort made in the morning and a conscious purchase choice.

            I know this because the fake-tan, fake-blonde girl wearing pink Abercrombie and tight pants with some smug sexual remark: Whether or not her personality is like this, she probably has some underlying need to conform, and is following some pressure. Be it by Cosmo or by judgemental friends, she’s making the conscious effort to not show HER personality to everyone, but the personality of the clique to which she wants to conform.

    1. Happen to have an Einstein-Rosen bridge generator, or tons of free flights? She’s in Australia and I’m a couple hundred miles east of St. Louis. Lol

        1. LOL… this thread is consistently getting better each time…

          “So really, wanting to give without expecting much in return was all part of the deal for me. ”

          Thats so odd… because this is exactly what I thought women pictured their role in a relationship as. Constantly seeking approval and trying to keep their man interested so he doesn’t walk out on them. I have certainly experienced the desperation before… of being manipulated into thinking this was the way of it.
          I don’t like the relationship dynamic displayed on TV and for that matter… that I witness in MOST relationships. Man vs woman. And I hate experiencing it in my own relationships even more. I would rather be alone than feel my relationship is a competition… sleeping with the enemy if you like. I rather picture my partner as my best mate and reliable companion. Probably doesn’t sound very romantic LOL But hey, Im a practical person.

          “Sex says “I love you” in a way words, inflections, and tones of voice don’t.”

          I have to bring up the old saying “Women need to feel loved to have sex, men need to have sex to feel loved.” The irony of relationships. I have trouble commenting on women relating to sex. I have a different outlook/idea/drive to most and find its probably the biggest thing I differ with fellow females over. I have heard that women commonly merge sex + love… i.e. the whole idea of making love… didn’t think of it from a male perspective. Hmmm getting hard to explain in a public forum LOL

          Charlie Sheen. Always good for a giggle. It truly is amazing how many emulate his behaviour… though I don’t think he is directly responsible for that… I think thats current trend. Sometimes its hard to see the masses are more than just genitals attached to mindless puppets. lol

          “As for living off the land for a few days, I’m really surprised that’s an unfulfilled dream.”

          I wouldn’t do it by myself. And truly, not a person has shown interest further than “sounds like a good idea”. When it comes down to it… creature comforts win. I tell you what… I am rather unproductive at the moment, perhaps I don’t deserve a holiday… oops, vacation :D

          You are completely correct about attraction. But… I wonder how I get away with my many pathetic displays of immaturity considering my physique is far from ideal :D
          Regarding presentation conveying which groups one chooses to associate with… have you noticed more and more people are conforming to the current fashion? Personally I am astounded at the number of girls who feel the need to get the hair extensions, fake lashes, fake tans, blonde hair, tight dress, super high heels… in the city of a night they all look like they have poured out of a factory. Probably even further off topic… xD

  4. Ok, apparently the new subject is relationships? LOL While I’m no expert, I feel after being married for 25 years (come May) I must be doing something right. So here’s my two cents: while chemistry is important at first & you do need that initial attraction, some other things are at least as important. Such as: similar values (& similar upbringing is a nice bonus, although not a neccesity), like ideas on how to raise children & how many you want, common financial ideals & goals (if you want to pay the power bill before the lights get shut off & he wants to spend that money on video games or golf clubs every month, you’re in for lots of fights!!). Along those same lines, if you think education is an important thing to impress upon your children & he thinks it’s ok to buy them beer, again, expect yelling! The newness/bells & whistles only last so long. But the friendship, the caring, communication & ability to compromise are what really make a good relationship or marriage last. When you have real life issues like miscarriage, foreclosure, life threatening illness, surgery/hospitalization, sick & dying grandparents or parents, those are the hard times when it’s really important to support one another. The good times are easy. You’d be amazed how little looks really matter in the scheme of things. Find a good person, someone who adores you, who respects you & wants to make you happy. Someone who brings you coffee & puts it on your nightstand even if you fall back asleep & let it get cold 1/2 the time. The more you love them, the more attractive they become. You’d be amazed how ugly that gorgeous person with the banging body becomes when you live with them & they treat you like crap & are totally rude & nonsupportive. Besides, they’ll probably gain & lose a bunch of weight over the years :-) Pick a good father/mother for your children, someone who makes you laugh, a good best friend (forever is a LONG time),
    Sorry…that was a whole lot more than 2 cents…

  5. You are absolutely right “me”. Many times I have met someone I don’t find attractive but their personality has changed that. They then appear more physically attractive or I seem to search for the more attractive elements and focus on them.

    You are lucky though. It is difficult to find that and it really seems to me that most people wont find that. That sentence is ironic LOL

    You are right too… looks don’t last. And eventually they wont be the spunky little thing you first met anyway. I would love to have someone that did nice things for me. :(

    Gee… I was just beginning to think it was something that men do not and never will do. Perhaps I am wrong and I am just unlucky… certainly feeling a little disillusioned lol

  6. @People I think, ironically, people often find someone (“the one”) once they decide they are happy with their lives (ok alone) & stop looking. Or once they “settle” & marry someone they don’t really love, that’s why so many people have extra-marital affairs (LOL just kidding).

    1. Im not ‘looking’ though so to speak. Im rather more than ok with living out life alone.. and would prefer it to living with someone who makes my life less than happy. Then I don’t have to hear criticism about my “nasty reptiles”! lol :)

    2. I’ve been trying to learn how to “stop giving a s*** and focus exclusively on your own life”. But alas, girls always find some way to get inside my head. Probably the fact that I’m in college and everyone is making out and sleeping around, reminding me that by the time I start looking again, my best matches will basically be married off, won’t be interested in the “college virgin”, will have a whole slew of guys to compare me to and make assumptions based on, or they’ll have dated 6 morons then cut themselves the game altogether with “I’m interested, but I don’t do relationships any more”.

  7. Well, in a way, the looks DO last. There’s just a difference between finding someone new and growing old with someone. XD

    As for the “girl with the rockin bod”, I’ll personally say that’s not necessarily what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for the “rocking rack”, the “flawless complextion”, the “toned and shapely”, the “makeup artist”.

    I think the reason I tend to comment on articles like these is that I’m not all that picky on most areas of appearance. Almost any girl is sexy when the emotional and physical intimacy is there. But then out of nowhere, obesity or too much overweight becomes this huge turn-off that has to be overcome by a great personality. Like some invisible brick wall. And oddly enough, that happens to be well over half the girls at my school.

    However, @people, even though she claims to be “kinda overweight”, would most likely still be attractive, because she’s already shown she’s intelligent and active.

    So it really IS situational. And I agree that if they hit the right personality, it helps their appearance out.

    Of course, as for the girls up top, while I find them somewhat attractive, it’s hard to be situational, since images make no assumptions about personality. Except, of course, their model-esque expressions that say “Yeah that’s right. drool in envy. Are you good enough for this?”, which sits right there alongside duckface and mirror shot in images that make you seem unapproachable, and thus hurt your attraction.

    Of course, the blonde third from the bottom looks more deep in thought, which is much more attractive.

  8. @People – Good for you! :-) In that case a perfect person who treats you awesome should be along anytime! It sounds like that’s what you deserve anyway! :-)

  9. @Yup – Yes, I can see your point (about being in college, everyone dating, etc). You also seem to ha e a little of the “over analytical” syndrome I do, which can be good & bad.

    1. Well, with the instances I’ve mentioned, I’ve been through basically all of them in the past year. I’ll definitely agree I’m overly analytical, but those weren’t really the result of that. :P

    1. lol… did indeed, was just thinking that. Can probably only look forward to absurdly over-emotionally overweight girls and halfwit lower class superficial males commenting from here on in.

      I’ve been hoping someone could continue some intelligent conversation … I’m bored. Got stuck into some good books instead. Finished them too quickly. Looking for some good conversation once again :/ Its too long to wait until DiabloIII or some MMPORG expansion.

      Someone start something, I need some interesting conversation… I’m dying here!

      1. I’m dfienitely going to try this recipe! I have guests coming this weekend and I’m pretty sure I can find yellow tomatoes at our market in Amboise on Friday…Thank, Joshua!

    2. Me, I’m surprised there STILL are people commenting on this thread… I believe pretty much everything about the subject has been said here multiple times, including the mandatory trolling, and I doubt there would be something useful to add to the conversation.

      @People: Check out Skyrim, it seems to be by far the best episode in the Elder Scrolls saga to date, and I bet it’s gonna burn up your leisure time.

  10. I prefer the term big, beautiful and sexy. These were done in a beautiful and tasteful manner. And they’re not really fat.. just Big. Wish there were more beautiful and classy pics of fuller figure women in the public media.

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  13. It is always better to have some meat on the bones than to have just bones. We have stereotyped our woman as having to be 6 ft tall and weigh 35 lbs.

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