Weird Female Bodybuilder

After great article about Irene Andersen few months ago, we found out another interesting female bodybuilder – not so ”big”, like Irene, but definitely interesting to see. Except spending a lot of time in the gym, we can see that she loves makeup. Is there any use? It’s on you to decide. We couldn’t find out her name,but we are relying on that famous sentence: “picture speaks a thousand words…”

After all, one thing we can all agree on : this girl really have the attitude…

12 thoughts on “Weird Female Bodybuilder

  1. eh, to each their own but… this is not attractive. sure muscles are cool but you can tell she’s been in tanning beds too much and the muscles are medically and processed powder associated.

    patience looks better than rushed.

    now she’s got to spend all her time keeping this up or it’ll really look much worse.

    ugh, she shoulda stopped earlier, she has stepped into it a bit far, it doesn’t look good on anyone honey.

  2. This girl is great; not even her muscles or her great shape, I really love her beautiful face! She should keep on doing this sport!

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  5. This lady truly fascinates me, regardless. So yeah, if she let me, I would truly treat her as such. A true beauty in my eyes. I am not knocking whom can’t look past her face that are so gawdammed good looking that have the right to slam her.

  6. Except for the silicone breast implants, her goals at winning championships has turned her into a man. I would guess that her clitoris is QUITE large and that her periods ended years ago. I admire dedication, but not taken to this extreme because she is hurting herself and has a fan base motivated to do the same.

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