The Curious Predictions of Vangelia Pandeva

There are not many people who believe in clairvoyants’ predictions. However, such beliefs stay strong until those predictions begin to come true. Vanga presumably became known for her predictions of global disasters.


Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova was a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant and herbalist who spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains, Bulgaria. Her followers were convinced that she possessed paranormal abilities. her predictions are well known and we can say really disturbing if you believe in anything paranormal.

A turning point in “Baba Vanga” (grandma Vanga’s) life was a storm which lifted her up and threw her in the field (this claim has not been verified with meteorological records or other accounts from that time). She was found after a long search–very frightened, and her eyes were covered with sand and dust, so she couldn’t open them because of the pain. No healing gave results. There was money only for a partial operation, so her eyesight was failing.
In 1939 Vanga caught pleurisy, although she had been quite healthy in the previous years. The doctor’s opinion was that she would soon die but she recovered quickly.

Vanga’s most shocking prediction include:

“At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.” (1980)

The prediction did not make any sense back then. Sadly, twenty years on, it did make a lot of sense, when a Russian nuclear submarine sunk in an accident in August of 2000. The submarine was named Kursk. Kursk – the city (after which the submarine was named), could by no means have been covered with water (probably that’s why her prediction seemed so unrealistic at first).

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” (1989)

Happened as predicted. The World Trade Center Towers in New York collapsed following terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The WTC Towers were dubbed “Twins” or “Brothers.” The terrorists drove passenger planes –“the steel birds”- into the towers. “The bush” obviously relates to the surname of the current U.S. president.

Specialists also say that the renowned fortune-teller also predicted the events connected with the armed conflict in South Ossetia. Vanga supposedly said that the Third World War would break out as a result of attempts on the lives of four government heads and after a conflict in Hindustan.

The presidents of four countries – Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland departed to Georgia in the middle of the conflict to see the situation with their own eyes.

Vanga predicted that the Third World War would break out in 2010.The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.

Vanga was illiterate or semi-literate and she did not write any books herself. Her speech was difficult to distinguish and she spoke a heavy dialect (recent TV recordings used subtitles for the Bulgarian audience). What she said or allegedly said has been captured by staff members. Later numerous esoteric books on Vanga’s life and predictions were written.

Vanga claimed that her alleged extraordinary abilities had something to do with the presence of invisible creatures, but she couldn’t clearly explain their origin. She was saying, that those creatures were giving her information about people, which she could not transmit to them, because, distance and time didn’t matter. According to Vanga, the life of everyone standing in front of her, was like a film to her, from birth till death. But changing “what was written on the generation” was beyond her power.

More predictions about the future:

2010 – The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.
2011 – Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere – no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.
2014 – Most of the people in this world will have skin cancer and skin related diseases. (as a result of chemical wars)
2016 – Europe is almost empty
2018 – China becomes the new world power.
2023 – Earth’s orbit will change slightly
2025 – Europe is still barely populated
2028 – Development of a new energy source. (Probably controller thermonuclear reaction) Hunger slowly stops being a problem. Piloted spaceship to Venus deploys.
2033 – The world’s oceans rise as the polar ice caps melt.
2043 – World economy is prosperous. Muslims are running Europe.
2046 – Any organs can be mass produced. Exchange of body organs becomes the common method of treatment.
2066 – During it’s attack on Rome (which is under control of the Muslims) U.S.A. uses a new method of weapons – has to do with climate change. Instant freezing.
2076 – No class society (communism)
2084 – Nature restores herself.
2088 – New disease. – People are getting old in few seconds.
2097 – This disease is cured.
2100 – Man made Sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet Earth.
2111 – People become robots. Think ‘The Terminator’.
2123 – Small countries are at war and the larger countries don’t get involved.
2125 – Signals from space are received in Hungry. An interest in Vanga will be renewed.
2130 – Colonies are built under water with advice from aliens.
2154 – Animals become half-humans.
2167 – A new religion is formed.
2170 – World-wide drought.
2183 – Colony on Mars becomes nuclear nation and asks for independence from the Earth.
2187 – Two volcano eruptions are successfully stopped.
2195 – Sea colonies are fully supplied with energy and food.
2196 – Asians and Europeans are no longer distinguishable from each other.
2201 – Thermonuclear reactions on the Sun slow down. Temperatures Drop.
2221 – Humans engage with something very frightening while in the search of Alien life.
2256 – Spaceship brings a freighting new disease into Earth.
2262 – Orbits of planets start to change progressively. Mars is under threat of being hit by a comet.
2271 – Physic properties are re-calculated because of changes.
2273 – A new race emerges that is a mix of Asian, European and African.
2279 – Energy can be made out of nothing (probably from vacuum or black holes)
2288 – Travel through time. New contacts with the aliens.
2291 – Sun cools. Humans make attempts to fire it up again.
2296 – Bright flashes on the Sun. Force of gravity changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall to Earth.
2299 – In France, there is a guerrilla uprising against Islam.
2302 – Important new laws and mysteries about the universe are uncovered.
2304 – The mystery of the Moon is uncovered.
2341 – Something frightening is approaching Earth from the space.
2354 – An accident on one of the man made suns will result in drought.
2371 – World-wide hunger.
2378 – New and fast growing race.
2480 – Earth is dark when two man made suns collide.
3005 – War on Mars. Trajectory of planets changes.
3010 – A comet will ram into the Moon throwing a belt of rocks and dust around the Earth.
3797 – By this time, everything living on Earth dies. But humans are able to put in the essentials for the beginning of a new life in a new star system.
3803 – A new planet is populated by a few humans. There are few contacts between people. The climate on the new planet causes people to begin mutating.
3805 – Humans go to war over resources. More than half of people dying out.
3815 – The war is over.
3854 – The development of civilization virtually stops. People live flocks like animals.
3871 – New prophet tells people about moral values, religion.
3874 – New prophet receives support from all segments of the population. Organized a new church.
3878 – along with the Church to re-train new people forgotten sciences.
4302 – New cities are growing in the world. New Church encourages the development of new technology and science.
4302 – The development of science. Scientists discovered in the overall impact of all diseases in organism behavior.
4304 – A cure for any disease is discovered.
4308 – Human mutations result in people using their brains more than 34% and losing notions of evil and hatred.
4509 – Getting to Know God. Man reaches a level of development that can communicate with God.
4599 – People achieve immortality.
4674 – The development of civilization has reached its peak. There are about 340 billion people living on different planets. Assimilation begins with aliens.
5076 – Humans find the universe boundaries.
5078 – The decision to leave the boundaries of the universe. While about 40 percent of the population is against it.
5079 – End of the World.
Believe it or not, you have to admit that this story disturbed you… just a little bit?

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  1. 2010 – The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.”

    North Corea – South Corea will start this maybe…?!

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