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Movie Stars Without Make Up

Let’s take a look at these adult movies actresses without makeup. My opinion is that they are not so ugly without make up. They look like regular women, with huge breasts. What do you think? Who’s your favorite actress? :)

Crissy Moran

Phoenix Marie

Jenna Jameson

Stormy Daniels

Nina Mercedes

Natasha Nice

Tara Lynn Fox

Isis Taylor

Admit you have searched for all actresses you haven’t heard before! :)

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Weird Female Bodybuilder

After great article about Irene Andersen few months ago, we found out another interesting female bodybuilder – not so ”big”, like Irene, but definitely interesting to see. Except spending a lot of time in the gym, we can see that she loves makeup. Is there any use? It’s on you to decide. We couldn’t find out her name,but we are relying on that famous sentence: “picture speaks a thousand words…” Continue reading

Is There Any Girl Interested In… This?!

This is our friend Igor from Russia. He is home alone, and unlike Kevin McCallister, he is not happy about it. So he took some pictures of his house, trying to impress girls. One thing is for sure, lucky woman will be safe and sound, I she will probably get anything she wants. So, is there any interested in… Well, see the pictures below. :) Continue reading

The Strongest Woman In Sweden

Female bodybuilding is the female component of competitive bodybuilding. It began in the late 1970s when women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions.

Irene was born in Denmark in 1966, she moved to Sweden at the age of 2 with her parents. Raised in Malmo but moved to Gothenburg when she was 20. Irene spent years in gym, worked hard to build this, for the funs of bodybuilding, wonderful body. Beautiful or odd you have to admit that she deserve name “the strongest woman in Sweden” and maybe wider? Continue reading