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The Cutest Baby Dream Photography

Adele Enersen is an author, amateur photographer and blogger living in Helsinki, Finland with her daughter, Mila, her composer husband, and another baby on the way. She’s currently on maternity leave from her day job as a copywriter and concept designer. While she spends most of her time looking after her daughter, creativity is still a big part of her life, whether that means writing and illustrating stories or avoiding housework.

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Breathtaking Road Photography [HD links]

Roads are always there and they always catch your attention and gradually fade into oblivion as you immerse in the bigger things that nature offers you. The United States has the largest network of roadways of any country with 6,430,366 kilometers (3,995,644 mi) If you are a road lover you can just imagine how many beautiful landscapes exists in this enormous network that connect you with your loved ones – and these are some of the best examples for you. Enjoy.

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Crazy Baby Faces

This is big collection of baby faces made by Evan Kafka. Evan Kafka is a New York City photographer who is originally from D.C. beltway area of Maryland, has a very original unique signature. You may like it as much his regular clients do, who hire him from time to time, clients such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Verizon, MetLife, MasterCard, Kiplinger’s, Forbes, Fortune, and many others. Not having a mentor’s style heavily imprinted on his own work is one of the uniqueness of his superb work. Hope you enjoy it as well.

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Closer Look Into Their Eyes

British photographer Steve Hoskins (Steve Hoskins) runes advertising campaign for Pedigree, Purina and Whiskas , and so he knows many secrets about the shooting of our furry friends. Staring at his work, you can find stunning photos of big and small small animals on which they all, without exception, pretty and cute.

Hoskins, as if there is a unique essence of each animal. Sam Hoskins says: “I love animals very much, but I try to portray them not sentimental way. I try to pull them from their familiar context and to bring some new idea about them.” What do you think, did he archive that? Take a closer look into their eyes :)