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The Most Interesting Music Records [Top 10]

The Longest Song On The World

You may have heard of long songs, but did you here for a song that will be played continuously for 1,000 years?! Longplayer is a track designed to last a thousand years. In particular,it began to play the January 1, 2000 and, if everything goes in smoothly, it will continue without repetition until December 31, 2999, when it is restarted. The song is based on an existing piece of music, particularly in a traditional Tibetan song that is being played with cymbals, which resembles very much a synthesis of bell sounds. This lasts 20 minutes and 20 seconds, time which is processed by computer using a simple algorithm. This has the effect of creating a large number of variants, which, when played in succession, give a total execution time 1000 years old! Check it out… Continue reading