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Dare To Try Indonesian Burger?

Indonesian cuisine reflects the vast variety created by the people who live on the 6,000 populated islands that make up the modern nation of Indonesia. There is not a single “Indonesian” cuisine, but rather, a diversity of regional cuisines formed by local Indonesian cultures and foreign influences. Indonesian cuisine reflects its complex cultural history. Cooking varies greatly by region and combines many different influences. Continue reading

Weird Coffins For Happy Funeral?!

Why coffin should be a boring box, when you can order it in the form of a lobster, red pepper, poultry or shoe? Indigenous inhabitants of a small African nation of Ghana believe that a funeral is not a sad farewell to the deceased, and celebrating their leaving to a better world. Here we have a tradition of putting the corpse in the coffin with a special, bright, intricate shapes. You think this is bizarre? For people of Ghana-definitely NOT! But we could say that these “positive” shapes and forms in these gallery crossed the line..

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Zombie Girls In Cannes

The great Cannes festival is well known. Why? Because thats the place where you can see some of the best actors in the whole world – every year! But thats not all. This year people saw something “different”… Someone would say that’s cool, others would say that they are disgusting , but we will say that these girls are definitely bizarre.

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Polygamy In America

What if your husband came to you and said, “I want another wife?” Even though polygamy is illegal in America, experts say there are 30,000 to 50,000 people living in plural families across the country. For generations, taboo kept polygamy out of sight and out of mind in America. Polygamy in the United States has a long, though shadowy history. Many Native American tribes practiced polygamy and European mountain men often took native wives and adopted the practice. Some tribes seem to have continued the practice into the 21th century. Cover of the February issue of National Geographic photograph graced Joe Jessup (he is already 88 years old), his 5 wives, 46 children and 239 grandchildren (first photo in the collection)

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How To Look Like Avatar

After the release of this epic science fiction film, everyone has gone crazy. Nearly everyone is either talking about Avatar, writing about it or suggesting other people to watch it. Now Avatar has also begun to conquer the Internet.
The first steps in this direction are the emergence of the first celebrity photomontages depicted as avatar characters.
I have gathered one such celebrity collection especially for you. I liked how many famous people were transformed. Continue reading