Military Women Around The World

Soldiers are one of the most wanted and paid profession in the world but women hasn’t been soldiers until now. So here is some of women soldiers from around the world. You will find that some of them are really hot ;)











Czech Republic
















New Zealand










South Korea









108 thoughts on “Military Women Around The World

  1. I have read so many silly comments such as “she is hot in uniform”, “they look very hot” and similar bla bla bla chat. But let me tell you something. We DO NOT need fuckin’ women in the army just because they are fuckin’ hot when in uniform. Of course it is different then to suit her a uniform. And it must suit, otherwise wouldn’t look like a soldier on one hand. And on the other hand, yes, WE NEED women who can do their job. Nobody can become a soldier, no matter how well trained will be, being a soldier is innated and something which nobody can take it from you.

    1. What are you saying ? someone cannot become a soldier ? that is utter non-sense.
      Furthermore, I’ve served with numerous soldiers who happen to be women. The issue of them being female doesn’t enter into the equation once they complete their training and assume their post….they are soldiers.

    2. They might blow us up and I do not want any action who wants to roll around in the turf do not trust the allied jennies the enemy?Who wants freaky marne chic anyway.

  2. but you guyz boh on display and page oweners can u give on lady from here cuz it’ like ihave been sooo lonelly for couple of yearz and good chance am also asolidier so help me guyz

    1. I want to date a ICBM US marne allied force jaguar commander you think she’ll think she’d let me make federation space system diplomacy dating connections inter galactic fun?

  3. The girl in the holland picture is in the Canadian air force. She is in hollan however for a 40 something km ruck sack march.

    1. She trying to get with me and attack US soil thats a act of beautifying voluptous enemy tactics those foreign Marne girls are afraid of makavellies like the US only if she is nice and fair then shell play german wargames with me

  4. Please send me more images of these beautifull wemen. also if there are some who would like to correspond with me give them my email adress.

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