One Million Giraffes – Is It Possible?

What started as a bet between a guy named Ola and a guy named Jørgen has turned into that rarest of Web phenomena: A ‘crowdsourced’ site that isn’t Astroturfed, has a substantial following, and, most importantly, has a noble goal: Collecting one million pictures of giraffes by 2011. Ladies, gentlemen: OneMillionGiraffes.

Unlike many flash-in-the-pan Internet trends, OneMillionGiraffes has been going strong for almost a year: When the Telegraph interviewed the site’s creator in August of 2009, two months after its launch, it was up to 134,227. Currently, it’s at 877 740: So, 122 260 left to go in the next 178 days.

If you want to see who will win the bet, you could follow OneMillionGiraffes on Twitter or Facebook .
Of course, try to paint some giraffes and help this man to win the bet. Use your imagination ;)

2 thoughts on “One Million Giraffes – Is It Possible?

  1. декоративно прикладное искусство

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