Is There Any Girl Interested In… This?!

This is our friend Igor from Russia. He is home alone, and unlike Kevin McCallister, he is not happy about it. So he took some pictures of his house, trying to impress girls. One thing is for sure, lucky woman will be safe and sound, I she will probably get anything she wants. So, is there any interested in… Well, see the pictures below. :)

Igor, this is all I can do for you! Hope you’ll find a woman!

17 thoughts on “Is There Any Girl Interested In… This?!

  1. This just goes to prove that all the money in the world won’t make you happy….or ensure that you have good taste!

  2. He should go on Millionaire Matchmaker, or at least join the Millionaire’s Club. Patty will fix him up!

  3. Hi Darling Igor, you are NOT ugly at all! Let me know more about yourself and where you live. I love Russian men, they are sensitive and passionate. I will be glad to be your friend. You are sweet. Believe in yourself! You are worth more than your beautiful house! xo Lady Maldoror

  4. Uh-oh…this looks like a replay of the Phil Specter thing, an unfortunate-looking man who happens to be wealthy and uses his wealth to attract their attention, and then force himself on them. What do you want to bet he takes your passport if you go there?

  5. I’d require very dark sunglasses and a potentially lethal amount of vodka to survive looking at all of that, so there’d be no point. Sorry, Igor.

  6. igor, go to countryparty as a simple man, take some nice woman dancing and have a good time, dont show the money . so find you maybe right woman.

  7. I agree, just go to a party, don’t show wealth, take a young lady dancing and the rest could be history.

  8. Did you notice that none of the beds have any sheets on them? The dining room chairs had plastic on them, too. That makes me think no one lives there. Hmm.

  9. Igor, If you lose some weight. And most importantly for me these are the things I am interested in. Good personality, Size of penis, dye your hair, love making techniques and amount of libido and stamina. If you met all of those requirements I would consider dating you even if you never had a penny to your name my friend.Looks are only skin deep. presentation is important we all have to do our best.

  10. Этот человек БОЛЕН!!!!
    Игорь сегодня 14:05
    про целку на лбу крупными буквами написано только молокосос не поймет.пиздоболка колхозная
    Игорь сегодня 14:03
    если не втерпеж сходи в туалет и проблюйся уебище косорылое.старая нищая вонючая проебаная дева пизду пристраивай а то ебут по пьяне и замуж не берут а выкидывают на помойку каждый раз.и слово подьебнуть выучи со своей лошарой вместе.

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