Interesting Photos All Around The World

Sight in the park – Vitoria in northern Spain.

Population settlements Kreuzberg and Neukölln in Berlin park. This is popular “flash mob” action participated by several hundred people, organized for a day via the Internet.

Winter swimming in the Serpentine lake in London’s Hyde Park.

Parade “White Day” in the Past, Colombia. AFP / Juan Manuel Barrero

Early in the morning on New York’s Times Square. AFP / Timothy A. Clary

Training the Army of South Korea on the east of Seoul. AFP / Jung Yeon-Je

The scene from the suburbs of Islamabad, Pakistan. AFP / Farooq Naeem

After a fire in the village Andrus skirmishes in Kashmir. AFP / Rouf Bhat

Activists for the rights of homosexuals cutting wedding cake in front of the parliament building in Lisbon, where he approved a law legalizing same-sex marriage in Portugal. AFP / Francisco Leong

International Commercial for electronic equipment in Las Vegas. AFP / Robyn Beck

Shinto believer performs a ritual purification in the temple of Kanda in Tokyo. AFP / Toru Yamanaka

The Catholics protest about relics of the Black Nazarene movement, during the procession to the church Kiapo in Manila. AFP / Jay Direct

Rosarno, Italija. AFP/ Carlo Hermann

Old woman watching the departure of the Dalai Lama Bodgaja village in northern India, where according to tradition, the Buddha experienced enlightenment. AFP / Diptendu Dutta

The training of the Chinese National Liberation Army in Hefeju. AFP

Hindu priest smoke marijuana during the trip to Calcutta, where he will participate in traditional swim in the river Ganges during the religious festival Makarsankranti. FoNet / AP

Mahabodi beggars in front of the temple in Patna, India. AP / Rajesh Kumar Singh

Picking oranges in central Florida, USA. AP / Orlando Sentinel

Buddhist monks at an election rally in Colombo, Sri Lanka. REUTERS / Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Walk on a frozen lake resolved in South Tyrol. REUTERS / Arnd wiegmanni

Protest workers Ruibi, Algeria. REUTERS / Louafi Larbi

Beautiful girl from the village of Delaram in Afghanistan. REUTERS / Marko Djuric

Israel border guard stopped  Palestinian protesters at the entrance to Halamiš Jewish settlements in the West Bank. REUTERS / Mohamad Torokman

Icebreaker boat for tourists sailing in Moscow. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

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