Hiroshima And Detroit Then And Now

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 08.15 on 6 August 1945 in the most important warfare in the 20th century. Hiroshima was proclaimed a City of Peace by the Japanese parliament in 1949 and now is the largest city in the ChÅ«goku region of western HonshÅ«, the largest island of Japan. For 64 years development of Hiroshima is breathtaking and these pictures will make us wonder… who won the war?

Hiroshima then:

Hiroshima now:

Some of Detroit buildings then and now:

10 thoughts on “Hiroshima And Detroit Then And Now

  1. This suggests that there are no slums in Hiroshima and that there are no nice areas in Detroit. I’m live about 45 minutes from Detroit and despite what you hear, there are some very nice places in Detroit and some beautiful sights to see.

  2. Wow this post just goes to show that you can put anything on the net and misguide poeple more than you are already misguided.

    The after photos are mostly (90%) of Yokohama – which clearly is nowhere near Hiroshima – they are about 670km apart as the crow flies; and indeed there are many crows in Japan.

  3. The author obviously has all the serious, manipulative knowledge of a Sarah Palin–. Slums have been in this country (and eveywhere else since history began). Beverly Hills exist, Miami Beach, Auburn Hills, etc. I live outside Detroit and my home looks nothing like this. The Demon in our country is the lack of successful business. This is more due to the lack of intelligent, hard working, business leaders. —Nepotism in business and the inheritance of wealth have driven the money to fewer and less intelligent hands. Hard work and intelligence are valued little at any level in the US

  4. Nice try.
    Those “after” photos are of Yokohama.
    Hiroshima is a modern city, but it’s still basically a small town.

    Detroit’s devastation is because of corporatism, not socialism.

    Car manufacturers just picked up and left.
    The US has no real economic policy to protect and nurture its workers.

    Hey, here’s another American city.
    Chalmette, part of the greater New Orleans area.


    2009 and and many areas are still devastated.

    Go figure…

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  6. Do you think 20 miles or 10 miles makes much difference in how that town looked when the automic bomb was dropped, does it really matter it’s not Hiroshima proper? Sarah Palin has nothing to do with this discusssion. That’s a distraction. And who drove out the businesses that employed these people. Here’s a clue, it’s not the homeless. The liberal policies destroyed employment in that town.

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