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The Most Expensive Fountain In The World

The most expensive fontain in the world is located, as you can guess, in Dubai. Maybe thay don’t have beautiful nature, but they have oil. In this days that means they have money, and if you have money, you can make what ever you want. Even nature. You can make island in the shape of trees or even in the shape of world. You’ve must seen it, right? Also you can bring water in the middle of a desert. And when you have water, you can make the most expensive fontain in the world.

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Scarification Tattoos – Art Or Sick?

In the process of scarification, scars are formed by cutting or branding the skin. There are many reasons why people may turn to scarification. Aesthetically, scarifications are usually more visible on darker skinned people than tattoos. Also, unlike tattoos, scarifications are a product of one’s own body.

There are also religious and social reasons for scarification. According to some tribal belief in Africa, producing scars on newborn children helps preventing vision related illness. There may also be religious expressions used in the scarification process. Continue reading

How To Get Famous Online

If you want to get in famous club, you need to have someone famous to get you in. If you want to be popular on the internet probably the best way is to have photos with famous people. Imagine those pictures uploaded on social network like facebook, twitter, myspace or similar. Definitely you will be famous, probably like people on this photos.

Wacky Inventions Of The Last Century

Between the first and second world war many useful things were invented, but there were also some things that never made it into mass production.

Life jacket mad of inner tubes (Germany 1925)

Unicycle-Motorbike (1931), top speed 150 km / h

Amphibious Bicycle “Cyclomer” (Paris, 1932)

SUV (UK, 1936)

Radio Hat (USA, 1931)

Extending Caravan (France, 1934)

Piano for the Bedridden (UK, 1935)

Glasses to read in bed (England, 1936)

Heated Jacket (USA, 1932)

Collector cars for pedestrians (Paris, 1924)

Folding Emergency Bridge (Netherlands, 1926)

Faxed Newspapers(1938)

Face protection in case of snow storms (Canada, 1939)

TV spectacle (1963)

Tool to catch dogs (1940)

Outdoor toddler hanging barn for young children (1937)

The gun you can shoot around the corner (1953)

The way you keep makeup and hair in the shower (1070)

So you can smoke in rooms where it is forbidden. Just hang on the street let (1949)

The first answering machine (1964)

Different Faces Of Celebrities

These photo booth-looking shots by world-renowned photographer Yu Tsai are great. Pressured to take multiple photos inside a confined space, people become goofy and animated, trying to make themselves look different for every shot. Who’s better suited to take these kinds of artistic photos than our favorite A-list actors and musicians? Continue reading

The Coolest And Strangest Music Instruments

We will present to you the coolest, but also the strangest music instruments ever. You will able to see the art of sound or sound influence on different things. Sit back and enjoy.

Laser Harp

The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light. A fan of beams shoots up from the floor into the night sky. The performer can create music by placing their hands in the beams. Not only does “breaking” the beam produce notes, but sliding the hand along the beam will also change the sound.

The harp does not produce any sound by itself, but creates MIDI data that can be connected to any modern synthesizer.

The laser harp concept was invented by Bernard Szajner and used extensively by Jean-Michel Jarre, and more recently Little Boots.

Music inspired by Nikola Tesla

A mix of extreme high voltage and tunes, does a project get any better! Steve Conner has posted his ultra cool visual instrument on 4HV.ORG. Note the second video was listed by EastVoltResearch and can be seen on this site.

“I finally gave in and decided to post footage of me testing my OMG super secret musical DRSSTC. I designed it last year as a paid commission for a Danish arts group who wanted a chorus of six musical coils that could be played by MIDI. I made a single prototype to test it here, but they ran six coils together in the final system, built by Finn Hammer over in Denmark.
What I made was an adaptor board that connected the internal tone generators on a Roland JX-8P synth to one or more DRSSTCs. The board converted the volume envelope to burst length, so the harder you pounded the keys, the bigger the sparks got. Hitting a high pitched note hard would blow the fuses, and the MIDI arrangements had to take this into account.” Via Makezine

Glass harmonica

The glass harmonica, also known as the glass armonica, bowl organ, hydrocrystalophone, or simply the armonica (derived from “harmonia,” the Greek word for harmony), is a type of musical instrument that uses a series of glass bowls or goblets graduated in size to produce musical tones by means of friction (instruments of this type are known as friction idiophones).

Because its sounding portion is made of glass, the glass harmonica is a crystallophone. The phenomenon of rubbing a wet finger around the rim of a wine goblet to produce tones is documented back to Renaissance times; Galileo considered the phenomenon (in his Two New Sciences), as did Athanasius Kircher.
The Irish musician Richard Poekrich is typically credited as the first to play an instrument composed of glass vessels by rubbing his fingers around the rims. Beginning in the 1740s, he performed in London on a set of upright goblets filled with varying amounts of water. During the same decade, Christoph Willibald Gluck also attracted attention playing a similar instrument in England.

Water Bottle Membranophone

This is an instrument much like a saxophone but made of a water bottle and a paper tube. You can see and download instructions of playing this instrument on Exploratorium.


This is one of the coolest things a have ever seen. And its 80 years old. Amazing thing you must confess. The theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without contact from the player. It is named after its Russian inventor, Professor Léon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928. The controlling section usually consists of two metal antennas which sense the position of the player’s hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude (volume) with the other, so it can be played without being touched. The electric signals from the theremin are amplified and sent to a loudspeaker.

The theremin is associated with a very eerie sound, which has led to its use in movie soundtracks such as Miklos Rozsa’s for Spellbound and The Lost Weekend and Bernard Herrmann’s for The Day the Earth Stood Still and as the theme tune for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders. Theremins are also used in concert music (especially avant-garde and 20th- and 21st-century new music) and in popular music genres such as rock. Psychedelic Rock bands in particular, such as Hawkwind, have often used the theremin in their work.

The Art Of Sound

Table that ressonates with sound causing sand to form patterns that look almost liquid when they change form.

This is a display at a local science museum. The iron filings (the fuzzy stuff) is sticking to a array of electromagnets that are set to respond to different frequencies. When the music is played the filings dance.

Dancing Dust Iron Flakes move to sound at the Arizona Science Center.

This device can see sound

…and you can make it for only 5$. This is a video a find out surfing the net, and it maybe not belong here, but on the other hand it does. Take a look how you can make a device to see sound. Great video, great thing. Enjoy.

Which instrument impressed you? If you now any other, fill free to leave a comment.

Stadium Projects For The World Cup In Russia 2018

These stadium projects were taken from the presentation of Russia’s bid to hold the 2018 World Cup. Russia won, and now all of this has to be build. In the captions to specify a city and stadium’s capacity. Congratulation Russia, hope you will succeed building this stadiums. They look amusing, I must say, very interesting design. Continue reading

Female Police Officers From All Around The World

They are here to protect and serve, but also they are very beautiful and sexy. If you are getting arrested, you would probably like to be arrested by some female police officer. Everyone of us had a dream to be with a police woman, especially with sexy one. Here you can see many beautiful woman from different countries all over the world. Enjoy…
















Dominican Republic




South Korea


Republic of Yemen




The Republic of Nicaragua

North Korea








Republic of Zambia





The Republic of Singapore








Movie Stars Without Make Up

Let’s take a look at these adult movies actresses without makeup. My opinion is that they are not so ugly without make up. They look like regular women, with huge breasts. What do you think? Who’s your favorite actress? :)

Crissy Moran

Phoenix Marie

Jenna Jameson

Stormy Daniels

Nina Mercedes

Natasha Nice

Tara Lynn Fox

Isis Taylor

Admit you have searched for all actresses you haven’t heard before! :)

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Children Who Had Fought In World War II

During the Second World War, many children were fighting in the regular army against the Nazis. Many children tried to flee from their homes by war, but most of them were seized by military police and returned to their homes. Often, the soldiers found the children in impoverished villages. Poor children were placed in, a specially created during the war, children’s homes, but sometimes the boys involved in active combat units, where they received weapons and a special form. Some of the boys fell into the army at age 9 – 11 years, and remained with his regiment on all fronts, from Russia to Germany, before the end of the war. Many of them died during the war, but also most of them returned home with medals of honor. Continue reading

How to Convert an Old TV Into a Fish Tank

Since we’re environmentally aware and we really want to recycle as much as we can, we thought we’d show you a little trick for your old TV set – how to turn it into an aquarium. Naturally, the tube will have to come out and replaced with the aquarium. Fish swimming are certainly more relaxing to see than some of the shitty shows and news we get fed on a daily basis. Kitty seems to like it too! Continue reading

Victoria Beckham Like You Never Seen Before

She was repeatedly called a style icon and the most famous woman of the 21 century. Her face has been on the covers of fashion magazines and the Internet is literally teeming with her photos. But who knew her before she became a soloist of the “Spice Girls” and the wife of David Beckham?This is first photo shoot of 17-year old girl from a quiet provincial English town. No one could imagine that soon the whole world to speak about the “Spice Girls”, a bit later – about Victoria Beckham. At the beginning, she was only Victoria Adams. Here are the pictures of Victoria Beckham twenty years ago. My opinion: She was hotter back then…

Dare To Try Indonesian Burger?

Indonesian cuisine reflects the vast variety created by the people who live on the 6,000 populated islands that make up the modern nation of Indonesia. There is not a single “Indonesian” cuisine, but rather, a diversity of regional cuisines formed by local Indonesian cultures and foreign influences. Indonesian cuisine reflects its complex cultural history. Cooking varies greatly by region and combines many different influences. Continue reading

The Funniest Goats Ever

A fainting goat is a breed of domestic goat whose muscles freeze for roughly 10 seconds when the goat is startled. Though painless, this generally results in the animal collapsing on its side. The characteristic is caused by a hereditary genetic disorder called myotonia congenita. When startled, younger goats will stiffen and fall over. Older goats learn to spread their legs or lean against something when startled, and often they continue to run about in an awkward, stiff-legged shuffle. Continue reading

How Did They Get So Famous

Why do people choose a particular brand of commercial varieties? The biggest secret of advertising is discovering the motive for buying. Here are some examples of how global brands look for the true reasons for buying their products through trial and error and then use small advertising tricks to boost sales.


The first Snickers chocolate bars in Russia appeared in 1992 presented as a snack that can replace a complete meal. For a long time, a consumer from former Soviet Russia could not get used to the fact that they could eat chocolate instead of soup for dinner, and bought a Snickers as a “sweet with tea.” Once the agency BBDO Moscow advertised the product as the real thing for teens who love sweets and do not like soup, the popular bar sales went through the roof.


Brandy, rum and gin were very popular in London in the late 19 th century . Promoting whiskey, therefore, was not easy. Thomas Dewar, the co-founder of ancestral brand, chose a surprising strategy.
He hired fake shoppers who visited various pubs and required whiskey Dewar’s. Naturally, it was not available, and they left. After several parishes Dewar himself appeared at the bar and offered to sign a contract on the supply of whiskey.
In 1892, Thomas Dewar went on a trip around the world. Over the period of two years he visited 26 countries, and the company began working in 1932. The sales increased by 10 times. Tommy Duhart wrote his famous book “A Walk Around the World.”


Once in the 1960′s in advertising Alka-Seltzer threw a glass of water, not one as earlier, and two tablets, the sale of the drug increased exactly in half. Cunning publicity stunt invented agency Tinker & Partners. There is a similar stunt for a shampoo advertising: once in the instructions for use shampoo indicated that it should be applied to the hair and rinse twice, the sale  universally doubled.


Nikita Khrushchev first advertised Pepsi in Russia . In 1959 at the American National Exhibition in Moscow, Sokolniki the  U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon, skillfully playing the role of host, invited Nikita Khrushchev to drink the sample. The photo in which the Soviet leader is holding the cup with the Pepsi logo had been on the pages of newspapers and advertising journals for a long time. That fateful moment in the history of the brand is considered a “Happy Birthday” Pepsi in Russia.


An interesting trick was also used for the cigarette brand Parliament. Initially, its price was lower than their main competitor, Marlboro, and sales were fairly modest. Parliament cigarettes were in the low-price category and few consumers appreciated their exclusive filter. Then, a year later, their price became higher than Marlboro, hitting a niche “premium”, which happened because of their different filter.


Founder of the biggest store chain Woolworth have found the correct insight that allowed him to forge millions. Shy and stammering young man from a village in the age of 21, settled as assistant seller in a small shop. In that time the price of goods in the stores, placed on the counter for the seller, was not shown. Seller “by eye” determined the richness of the buyer, and called its price. Further, the buyer  trade, or buy. Poor Frank didn’t know how to do that. He was so afraid that one day even fainted while he worked. Because of that, a shop owner fired him. Before opening the store Frank attached to the lowest possible price on paper  (a prototype of the modern price tag). The whole sticker, dumped in a warehouse, he put on a huge table, and attach the plaque with the inscription “All five cents.”  He placed table near a window so that the goods and the plate was visible from the street. Shaking with fear, he waited for customers by hiding behind the counter. All goods are sold out for several hours. Frank retired from the owner, took the money and opened his own shop. In 1919, the Woolworth empire consisted of thousands of shops, and a personal fortune of Frank was about 65 million.

Guinness World Records

The famous and best-selling (after the Bible) “Guinness World Records” is nothing more than a publicity stunt invented by the Managing Director of Guinness Brewery, Sir Hugh Bivero. In 1954, at a dinner hosted by “Wexford” for hunters, Hugh Beaver started with one of the guests asking him, who flies faster – plover or grouse. This is where the Beaver started this unfolding debate about the “most-most.” And he decided that he should create a book that will contain the records officially confirmed in various fields. Years was spent on research, and in August 27, 1955 everything was ready for the first book on 198 pages. The success was stunning: even before Christmas it became a bestseller in Britain, bringing a good income.


In 1913, the Camel cigarette brand is one of the first in America tested the teaser ads. Deciding that a camel – it is not only a vivid image, but also an excellent opportunity for advertising innovations, experts of the company RJR for a few days before admission to the sale of cigarettes, published a cryptic messages in the newspapers . “Camels” – read the first one. A few days later, a new message: “The camels are coming” and then: “Tomorrow, the camels will be greater than in Asia and Africa combined!” The next morning, intrigued by the Americans finally learned the truth. “Camel cigarettes are here!” and new cigarettes are born.


The original logo of the company Nestlé, founded in the 60 years of 19 century, was as follows: nest with three birds and their mother. As a trade mark for its first product, Henri Nestlé (Henri Nestlé) used a family coat of arms. It is believed that traditional family should have parents and three children, at that time. Later, closer to the mid 20 th century, the tradition has changed. And logo was changed also.


Marlboro brand  first time appeared in 1924 and positioned itself as the first lady’s cigarettes. It was picked purely feminine slogan: «Mild as May» – «Gentle as May”. Mae West, Hollywood star,  was hired as an advertising person. Packing of cigarettes was also made for ‘The ladies’ audience: a filter with a stripe of red serve. It has a dual purpose: to hide sloppy trail of lipstick and to protect women’s white teeth from yellowing. But no matter how they tried, product was not enough attractive to women: people had  a painful dry cough. Therefore, in order to survive in the market after two decades, the brand had to change their sex. In order to change the perception of cigarettes with filter, as a product “for girls”, Philip Morris has hired one of the best American specialists on advertising – Leo Burnett, which coined the image of “Cowboy – tamer of the prairie.” Cowboy – the embodiment of American spirit – touched a consumers. Posters of these heroes of America – brutal guys, the likes of wild steppes, was a huge success. They conquered all – men and women, black and Latino. Marlboro sales in just one year grew so much that began to occupy the fourth position in the ranking of sales of all tobacco products. In addition, Malrboro were produced in, which later became the standard packaging, «Flip-top». Such a package has and a tremendous marketing value.

Red Bull

When the drink Red Bull started to work in Europe and the U.S.,  main competitors were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Molson, Labatt and Anheuser-Busch. The concept was similar among all – all toned and stimulated, while energy Jolt Cola contained doubled, compared to Red Bull, caffeine. Then Dietrich Mateschitz was preparing to made risky step. He put a double price  compared with its competitors, reducing the amount of container and began to place banks in stores, not only in departments of drinks, but also among other products. In addition, boxes of Red Bull were distributed free to students on college campuses. Red Bull was especially popular on collage and, later, parties because it has ben discovered he it made a perfect drink mixed with  vodka. Thus were born a new and hugely popular cocktail Vodka Red Bull.


Rumor has it that the so-called casual fridays, when you can depart from the strict dress code, adopted in large companies and change the official costume for casual clothes, came up with P & G for promotional purposes. In the 80 years of 20 century the world’s largest company P & G has been the market leader in washing powders in the USA. But, despite the high advertising activity, market share does not want to grow. The company then conducted a study and evaluate the market care for clothing. In percentage terms it was found out that the powder used in 65% of cases, and dry cleaning – 35%. Further, the company found that 70% of washing powder are employed and 5 of 7 days a week, go to the suits that they give to the dry cleaners. Furthermore, joint research P & G and Levi Strauss Jeans showed that employees in their everyday clothes are much more creative and efficient people. And what have they done? P & G within the company introduces the right to go to job on Fridays in everyday clothes. This  efforts of both companies received huge coverage in the press, and many corporations have followed. Market detergents grew by 20%.


Tefal has long believed that the primary motivation for buying a frying pan with teflon coating is that the preparation of these pans do not require spending a single gram of oil. However, subsequently it became clear that the main incentive for their purchase was the fact that the pan  is very easy to clean because food does not stick to their surface. Content of the advertising campaign then has been changed and that greatly increased its effectiveness.


In the early 1980′s Timberland Company went through difficult time. It produced high-quality court shoes, and the price was lower than the industry-leading companies Topsiders. It seemed that a good product and low price should be a wining combination, but things went bad. Then,  Timberland took a very simple solution: they raised their prices, so those are much greater than the prices offered by Topsiders. Sales have increased dramatically. That confirms the authenticity of statements by David Ogilvy, “The higher the price, the more desirable it becomes good in the eyes of the buyer.”


When the U.S. opened the first stores IKEA, after already received recognition in Europe, sales of furniture does not justify any expectations. After the study which found that Americans like the simplicity of design, and they wanted to match furniture to larger size of their houses. All that needed to be done – to increase the size of furniture.

Chupa Chups

Usually, all the children, after they eat candy, has sticky hands, and they’re just wipe them on cloth. Lollipop (original wood), which could suck invented in 1958 by Enrique Bernat. Main characteristic of the product was that it could suck, not dirtying clothes and hands. In the same time appeared the first slogan of Chupa Chups – «It’s round and long-lasting» (~ He is round and long). Fifty five years later, it’s still very popular.

De Beers

South African diamond company De Beers offered the men a solution to all their problems with women, with brilliant advertising campaign. In 1948, Harry Oppenheimer, head of De Beers, went to New York to meet with representatives of the advertising agency NW Ayers. They went there with the intention to change the way people thought about diamonds: it is necessary to make the stone ceased to be a trinket-bags, and became everyday commodity, without which ordinary people could not do without. Promotional posters featuring spectacular actresses with the rings on his fingers and earrings have replaced black and white posters with images of diamonds and the words “It removes the headache from 1888″, “Think about it. Divorce is expensive “, ” No, your wife did not pay for this advertisement (But she told us which newspaper you read)” and so on. Since De Beers has proven that you can sell a luxury for women through their men.