Amazing Collectors

Doctors surgical specialties now and then have to remove the people from all sorts of consumer goods.
On the button “more” – a collection of X-rays showing the breadth of the scope of some infatuated people.

Case 1: A nail in the head. Subcutaneous.

Case 2: Always use only proven toothbrushes.

Case 3: Needle

Case 4: Vibrator

Case 5: Glass

Case 6: During the arrest the offender used a police rubber baton

Case 7: A shell from the antiaircraft guns

Case 8: Air freshener

Case 9: Coca-Cola Fun

46 thoughts on “Amazing Collectors

  1. Move along nothing to see here your butts your own private property and there for you can smuggle whatever you want. Combs, bikes, Mexicans whatever

  2. This is so terribly fake.

    Very nearly all are clearly just xrays of other concerns with random items shopped in. Do you honestly think you would see the shadows of an air freshening can from an xray? Note that some have barium appearing in the intestines and the coke bottle picture has a hip replacement.

  3. ‘Jon’ said “most of these are fake”

    I work in an accident and emergency ward…we have seen all these and some even more strange, so I can categorically tell you they are NOT fake X-Rays. Further more, “fake” is one world I am sick and tired of reading these days. It seems anyone who has lived a sheltered life or has a lack of imagination who sees something out of the ordinary immediately cries “fake”. I love nothing more than watching them do it when they’re completely and totally wrong….as are you.

    1. Well said and so true. There is a notorious X ray in the files of a certain army hospital in New Jersey which shows a lightbulb AND a banana in a 64 year old, male retired army specialists rectum.
      What is also interesting and obvious to me but not to the kids who look at these images is that ALL of the images where there are things inserted in the rectum, obviously for sexual gratification, the images are all men.
      By the way, the second image shows a toothbrush which the woman actually inhaled and it ended up in one of her lungs. I heard about this about 10 years ago or so but have never seen the x ray until now.

  4. Picture 2: the arrow shows only direction, not the item. Look at upper right corner at approx. 1/4 of width and height, there is clearly visible toothbrush head pattern, the rest of toothbrush is barely visible.

  5. My first thought was that these look fake but who knows. Ive seen ex ray pics more Extreme then these – cell phone – remotes- car keys! wow i wonder if he told the doctor – man i wondered where i put those.

  6. If you’re easily offended by a simple joke involving smuggling mexicans in your ass, then I can only wonder how you’ve managed to live this long, in such a sick, diverse world, such as this, without killing yourself over the sensual overload of obscene information available today. Extreme discretion is advisable. LMFAO!!!

    1. The bigger question is why in the world do you take on the role of “vicim” and take no responsibility for what YOU put out in the world. Golly, the dumbest of the dumb would rather behave in a manner that brings one’s self upward instead of floundering around with the lowest common denominator.
      Just because there is “such a sick, diverse world” doesn’t mean YOU have to spread it OR tell others how to live THEIR lives.
      Who died and made YOU ruler of the world?
      I’ll keep to those things that raise people up NOT wallow in the mire where folks like you allow yourselves to be shat on by all and sundry.
      Grow up a bit and you’ll see that you have quite a bit of power, indeed to decide on what sort of life you would like to have.
      Leave others alone so they too, can have the life THEY’VE chosen – which may or may not be “better” than yours – and the next time you feel like dragging others down into the negative world you have chosen, pause and take a deep breath and look around and actually SEE the world. For every “sick and obscene” thing that YOU and other victims dwell on, there are folks helping each other (real strength) and there are winners and triumphs and beauty and joy and respect and dignity and people just happy with living.

      1. What is “vicim”? Also, as a business man, a writing technique I use daily that I learned in college might help you not come across as illiterate scatter brain that has learned a few big words. It basically is to get to the point as quickly as possible using the simplest terms that anyone who needs to know will understand without any question. In trying to appear superior by writing your convoluted mess you just come across as an a**hole.

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