All You Need Is A Strong Spirit

A woman from Russia named Svetlana, after one year and a half she lost nearly 155 lbs. If you wonder how did she made this amazing change you should see her diet:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, or a piece of cheese, or porridge, a piece of black chocolate or a spoon of honey, coffee without sugar.
Second breakfast: half of a pomegranate, green tea. Lunch: boiled lean meat, fish or a chicken breast, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, green tea. Snack: a handful of shelled seeds, green apple, grapefruit or pomegranate. Dinner: green tea.

20 thoughts on “All You Need Is A Strong Spirit

  1. this lady after she lost weight in the last foto looks awesome and hot toooooooooooo if she would be an age lesser than she would have rock the charts of guinneiss book of world records to lose weight in some days She looks very gorgeus in that foto………….
    !!!! FOR GOD SAKE !!!!

  2. I’d definitely try this method as I’m slightly overweight by several pounds.
    I would also most definitely f*** her. She definitely looks f***able

  3. Calories in, calories out. Simple physics. Consume the same amount of energy(calories/joules) as you spend = no weight gain/loss. Consume less energy per day than you use leads to weight loss.
    btw regarding skin, skin cells have a high rate of turnover, i.e. they just die. so yeah good for her.
    And the record for not eating at all( just vitamins + minerals) is one year two weeks.

  4. Not photoshop. I’ve always been skinny because I grew up starved, and then when I had food finally, I ate lots of it frequently throughout the day, thus my metabolism kicked in and I continued to not gain excess weight. People around me eat two meals a day and gain weight, I eat every 3 hours and don’t. There are more factors but people who think eating a lot always equates to getting fat, are wrong. Also you don’t want to eat too close to sleep because you want to digest your food first, which allows for more productive sleep.

  5. I use to be 100kg and I am now 75 kg (my ideal weight for my height). Does anyone want to know the secret of how I lost so much weight? THERE IS NO SECRET!!! Healthy diet and exercise are the only things that will make you lose weight (especially healthy diet). Stop trying to find some kind of miracle pill that will help you because no such thing exists. Change what you eat and in few weeks youl start losing shit load of weight

    Email me for more info and I will help you

  6. If she lost weight naturally, there wouldn’t be excess skin. Some people are ridiculously dumb. If she had gotten it surgically done, she WOULD have excess skin! I imagine she must have old stretch marks the size of tire tracks, though.

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